“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: In the Cold, Cold Night, Part 1



Finally, our ladies return to the spotlight! Now that Katie’s in rehab, Fiona and Imogen attempt to get revenge on her and Marisol by turning the student council into Shameless Flirts Anonymous.

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Fiona is totally a goner, and even Eli knows it. He jokes that she and Imogen should just make out already, a wish shared by both Fiona and pretty much every reader here at AfterEllen.com. In fact, Eli is playing wingman for Fiona now. He assures her that she’s “nailing” her attempts to impress Imogen, who he believes has left the “crush door wide open.”

Fiona and Imogen have chemistry together, obviously, so while they work on an experiment together (chemistry-class-style, not Emily-“I’m all about experiments, me”-Fitch-style), Fiona trips all over herself trying to act like just a friend toward Imogen.


Since Fiona’s idea of revenge is showing up Marisol in her role as school social coordinator, she goes behind Marisol’s back and gets permission from the principal to host a holiday carnival for the students at Degrassi, provided that she foots the bill.

As such, Fiona asks her mother for an advance of her trust fund to cover the costs of the Frostival (did I miss something? does this mean it’s still Christmas-time the world of Degrassi?). Mama Coyne refuses, but luckily, she also leaves her checkbook behind when she leaves town for business …


Fiona arrives home later that week to find police ransacking her loft as part of an investigation into her family foundation’s finances, an issue caused by far more than her forged carnival check. As part of the investigation, Mama Coyne is now under house arrest 500 miles away, so she has sent Holly J to be with Fiona in the interim.

The catch: Holly J’s only there to keep Fiona company until she’s done packing her bags and is ready to move back to New York to join her mother.

As Marisol so kindly phrased it earlier in the episode, who would Fiona be if she didn’t have money to throw around to impress people? It looks like we’re about to find out, provided Fiona finds a way to stay near Imogen to conduct more experiments on the matter…

What do you all think this bodes for Fiona and Imogen’s relationship, both for the finale and for next season?

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