Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.06) – “No-Kimono-Zone”



Well, well, well. Zoey’s hero worship of Jackie has turned into a full-blown crush now that she’s living at Jackie’s. So much so that she’s wearing a kimono while she fixes breakfast for Jackie and the girls, even though Jackie has declared the kitchen a “no kimono zone.” Come on, Jackie; it’ll only be awkward if you let it.

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Not that O’Jackie could ever be threatened. Jackie met Eleanor before work to tell her about a dream she had: She got high and had sex with Dr. Cruz. Sure, O’Hara is bisexual, but her dream interpretation seems to tip the scale in a very specific direction.

Sweet Eleanor — daydreaming of Jackie with a thing for one doctor in particular. For now, O’Hara knows how to cheer up her friend, inviting Jackie over to try on Chanel and Louboutins. When Jackie tells her that Kevin is suing for custody of the girls and to gain the house, Eleanor promises to get Jackie the best lawyer in town — and to punch her in the face and take Polaroids to bolster the case. “You’re kind to offer,” Jackie says.

Jackie: “I was afraid to go home tonight.”
Eleanor: “Yeah so was I. Cooking on a hot plate surrounded by half a million dollars worth of shoes I can’t even wear, Coop circling my unborn baby – what’s more frightening than that?”
Jackie: “Zoey in my kitchen stirring SpaghettiOs in a kimono?”

Jackie wins.


Part of Jackie’s dream comes true: She finds a Roxi and after her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, she desperately wants to take it. And so she takes it — to Eleanor’s. O’Hara handles it as only a true friend can. She offers to give Jackie back her Virgin Mary necklace (yes, she’s been wearing it the whole time) and a Chanel jacket in exchange for the Roxi. Jackie would rather have the pill.

Elanor: “What if I throw in the shoes?”
Jackie: “OK.”



Lenny finally proposed. Zoey loves the ring and wants to be a wife, but I think she would prefer to keep being Jackie’s wife. Especially after Jackie calls her “honey.”

She also finds the experience of “motherhood” quite rewarding, and shares her newfound parental wisdom with Thor and Sam.

Zooey: “Say what you will, but kids need two parents.”
Eleanor: “I dare you to come over here and say that to my face.”
Zoey: “I decline that dare on the grounds that you will hit me.”

And, as if to prove being engaged to Lenny is not the best thing in her life right now, she loses the ring — and her s–t. 

(Showtime provided the version we’re posting here, but nothing is funnier than the uncensored version, should you get the chance to see it.)


One of the cases of the week involved Lana, a transitioning woman you may recognize as MJ Rodriguez, who played Angel in the off-Broadway revival of Rent.

The interaction between Lana, Jackie, and O’Hara was funny and warm, but what I really loved is the way Nurse Jackie snuck in a lesson about the problems an MTF might encounter in taking estrogen. Since so many transitioning people don’t get adequate medical care (due to expense and lack of insurance coverage for the process), I appreciate the show taking the opportunity to educate us.

Cruz’s suspicions about Jackie continue to grow. This week, he finds that Jackie’s file is empty — no complaints, no vacation records, nothing but basic info. We know how it got that way, but Jackie really didn’t. Until now.

Coop still is following O’Hara around like a puppy, trying to get her to let him be the baby’s father figure. Eleanor is not amused.

Coop does prove to be a hero to Zoey as the one who finds her engagement ring. But his interest also sparks doubts in her about whether Lenny is “the one” she wants to marry. If only Jackie would ask.

What did you think about this episode of Nurse Jackie? Is Cruz going to connect the dots to Gloria regarding Jackie’s pristine file? Is Zoey going to be Jackie’s permanent roomie? Does anyone know where I can get a Roxicet to trade for a Chanel jacket and some $750 shoes?

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