Mama Rizzoli rates TV moms of lesbian/bisexual characters


With Mother’s Day this weekend, we decided to take a look at some of the best — and worst — mothers of les/bi women on TV. Since we’re all a little bit afraid of our mothers, however, no matter how old we are, we also decided to recruit another mother to evaluate these women as Mothers of Women-Loving-Daughters. And who better than the one mother who not only loves her semi-closeted woman-loving daughter, but actually lives with the object of her affection? That’s right — Mama Angela Rizzoli.

Here are seven TV mothers and their official Mama Angela Rizzoli Rating Administration (MARRA).

Pam Fields, Emily’s mom, Pretty Little Liars

“I still don’t understand, but I love you. You’re my child and no one hurts my child.”

MARRA Rating:

Jenna Fitch, Emily’s mom, Skins

“Emily, this is a six-seater table. Whaddya’ want me to do?”

MARRA Rating:

Lenore Pieszecki, Alice’s mom, The L Word

“[Shane and I] kissed. At first, it was casual but then it became … intimate. French.”

MARRA Rating:  

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