President Obama endorses same-sex marriage


In spite of a statement of support for same-sex marriage years ago as an Illinois candidate, Barack Obama the national candidate publicly said that he was against same-sex marriage, and more recently that his views on gay marriage were evolving. A recent casual — and quietly beautiful — endorsement of gay marriage by Vice President Joe Biden and North Carolina’s appalling passage of Amendment 1 yesterday had the nation wondering how the President’s evolution was progressing. 

Wonder no more. Looks like he’s done hedging his bets for the fearful. Today during an interview with ABC TV, the President said that “same-sex marriage should be legal.” 


It’s good to see our leader leading. This is a big step and an important one. That little twinge of awesome you felt was the United States rumbling a little closer to our inevitable acceptance of full equality.

It’s no more than we deserve, but don’t forget to say thanks. Hug a straight ally today. And then mack on whoever you love in celebration.

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