Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.05) – “One-Armed Jacks”


Muscle memory is an odd phenomenon that has very little to do with actual memory. You do something over and over again until it’s automatic — for better or for worse. For Jackie, years of motherhood have made fixing breakfast for the family a habit, one that continues even when she forgets no family is there to fix for. Nothing is sadder than unclaimed pancakes. 


Like a woman after my own heart, Jackie refuses to let good pancakes go to waste and takes them to BFF Eleanor. 

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Jackie: Don’t make me waste these; this guy’s a snake.

O’Hara: So, too, were these.

If any ship could pose a threat to O’Jackie, it would be O’Christian — as in Louboutin. After all, they’re sole mates. Poor Eleanor is in mourning that her precious pumps no longer fit. 

O’Hara: God, I’ll miss you.
Jackie: You and your shoes will be reunited very soon. You’ll live.
O’Hara: I’ll live, but I won’t live well.
Jackie: You always live well. 

If anyone can find a line of designer sensible shoes, it’s Dr. O’Hara. 


I love that we’re seeing more of Gloria Akalitus this year, and some of the warmest, funniest scenes happen in the office Gloria now shares with Dr. O’Hara. Eleanor spends most of her office time resting and Gloria cramming for recertification — after 35 years. 

Gloria: How many contact hours in an academic quarter credit?
Eleanor: I’m a doctor, Gloria; for actual information, ask Jackie.

Between her studies and Eleanor’s pregnancy, the office is definitely no-man’s land. Not that Coop has a clue. He’s the Michael Scott of All Saints. 

He’s also lucky he made it out of there with all of his furry little animals intact.

Feeling empathy toward Jackie is new for most of us, after years of watching her avoid taking responsibility for anything. And I understand that Kevin feels like an idiot. But that’s no excuse for him to act like such a jerk; he seems to have forgotten that he had an affair, too. Sending a process server with divorce papers instead of meeting Jackie for lunch is a pretty low blow. I’m proud of Jackie for choosing pie instead of Percocet to deal with it. 


“What have we here? Is that a cigarette I see before me?”

“I’m not talking to you.”

“Hey ya’ roomie.”

And a bonus: The Zoey Pancake Dance!


We still aren’t sure if Cruz is a good guy or a bad guy. He’s abrupt, but doesn’t seem to step on people’s toes on purpose. He keeps making new rules, but has a pretty good reason for every one of them. He seems to be dealing with his son Charlie’s addiction the best he can. Even sending Gloria back to the floor was a way to preserve her pension. I hope she can preserve her sanity in the process.

What do you think? Do you think Cruz is trying to do right by the staff at All Saints? What about Kevin — is his behavior toward Jackie justified? Do you think Zoey and Jackie are good roomies? 

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