Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Secret Circle” SnapCap (1.21) – “Prom”


Finally! The Secret Circle gave us some answers. In fact, this week’s episode was pretty good. Too bad it didn’t air a couple of months ago — this show might’ve had a chance in Balcoin hell to see another season.


Subtext is as dead on this show as Grandma Jane, but at least we get some eye candy. After all, it’s prom night, as we can tell by the subtle set design.

For all the teen angst we endure from The CW, we have to give the network credit for knowing how to cast sexy young women. And since the actresses are all well over 21, I can say that without shame. 


One last crystal remains to be found for Blackwell to complete his nefarious plan. Melissa and Adam uncloaked it last week, so we know it’s in the school. And since Balcoin blood has a special connection to the crystals, the best way to find it is for Cassie and Diana to cut their hands open and make bloody magic together. 

And once again, we have to remind ourselves that they’re sisters.

The blood connection takes the dark magic duo back in time. Diana and Cassie see their moms, Elizabeth and Amelia, discussing the meeting planned that night at the boathouse. Turns out the mothers had the same kind of power struggle Diana and Cassie have been having. 

Elizabeth leaves for the boathouse while Amelia tries to return her crystal to Ethan’s dad. She tells him that besides impregnating her and Elizabeth, John used magic to make sure the other Parental Circle women got pregnant at the same time. His plan all along was to create a circle around himself and Balcoin blood. Sure enough, all of The Secret Circle original members were born when their parents were in high school. (I’m not sure where that puts Jake, who’s a few years older. Were his parents in junior high when he was born?) Now Cassie realizes that Diana has been right about John all along. 

In other feelings, Melissa encounters dead Nick and briefly believes she can save him so they can be together again.

Loving the demon-possessed is so unrewarding. 


Watching Jake:

“You’ve got that look like you’re about to invade a small country with nothing but your tortured soul.”

Hearing Adam offering Cassie a ride to the prom:

“Oh no you don’t, cursed crusaders; first it’s a ride and the next thing you know you’re slow dancing and my date is dead in my arms.”

Insisting on going to the prom:

“For a bunch of witches, the magic of prom is obviously lost on you.”

Melissa: “Nick’s not a psycho.”

Faye: “Well, then … demon-challenged.”

Seeing Jake pacing the prom floor looking for Nick:

“If you keep playing with that knife in your pocket, people will get the wrong idea.”

Taking off after Nick:

“I knew I should’ve brought demon-chasing shoes.”

Following Nick into the wrecking yard”

“Why is it always spooky old dirty places with him? Why couldn’t he hide in a mall or a nice hotel?”


While the rest of the Circle chases Nick, Diana goes home to meet Grant for a little late night delight. But she finds Charles huddled in the kitchen after John throws some dark magic his way that makes him believe Amelia is haunting him. When Diana tries to find out what’s wrong, Charles tells her he killed Amelia. She runs out of the house in tears — into Grant’s arms. I hope the Leprechaun is a good guy, but I kind of doubt it. 

Meanwhile, the other witches encounter Eban waiting for Nick to deliver the crystal. Cassie stupidly confronts him and gets tossed across the yard. John shows up just in time to confront Eban and gets crunched by a car. Adam is busy being angsty while Jake is busy getting strangled by dead Nick and Melissa is busy stabbing dead Nick until he’s dead all over again. Faye bravely — or foolishly — steps in to stop Eban.

We don’t see what happens, but when John regains consciousness and finds the Circle, he tells them Eban took Faye. The only way to save her is to put the crystal skull together. For some reason, I think John is not telling the whole truth.

Next week is the season — probably the series — finale. After all this time of being frustrated with The Secret Circle, I actually can’t wait to see what happens. What are your thoughts and feelings about this episode? Any predictions?

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