It’s time for “Glee” to learn a lesson from “Sesame Street”


It’s been three full days since Glee really out-Gleeed itself with “Choke,” and it’s taken me exactly that long to understand why the episode makes me want to quit the show forever. See, Glee‘s whole deal is juxtaposing the serious with the absurd, but the writers don’t seem to have any grasp on when it’s acceptable to smash things together and when it’s just so very not. I mean, it’s not really that difficult of a concept to grasp, is it? When something’s out of bounds? Most of us learned it on Sesame Street when we were kids. Hmm … maybe Glee‘s creative team just needs a simple reminder.

It’s not that Glee can’t write about tragic accidents and domestic abuse; it’s just that they trivialize those things to the point of lunacy when they try to compare them the everyday shenanigans of teenagers. And it gives me whiplash. And also grosses me out.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Cookie Monster and I are going to eat our feelings.

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