“Fashion Star” Recap: The ties have it (Episode 8)


This week on Fashion Star, the final seven competitors had to come up with an advertising concept for their brand. Ross apparently decided his was African safari.

Nzimiro‘s was gay travel.

And Nikki‘s was — who the hell knows?

These are not actually what they were going for, of course, but how they turned out. Let’s, for a minute, revel in the chicness of Kara‘s gender ambiguous shirt-dress.

While prepping her model for the advertising shoot, Kara got teary-eyed thinking of how she hopes to get across a message of being yourself and being fabulous. We got to see photos of her as a closeted teacher again and she said how much she regretted not being a positive gay role model for her students when she had the opportunity.

But Kara was a lot happier once the mentors and buyers loved her shirtdresses. She sold to Saks (again) but H&M said they were saving their money to put in a big buy from her someday. Hopefully this means she’ll make it past next week when three of the final six get cut.

Luciana also sold to Saks with her cut-out dress in floral. She, too, did a fantastic job with her ad campaign, as the mentors said they could really see her brand.

H&M picked up Ronnie’s blue dress, which was a nice cobalt hue that worked well in his ad shot, but didn’t wow me on the runway. His heartfelt story about his family not believing in his fashion designer dreams was touching, though. I just wish he’d make something more memorable.

Nzimiro might not have been trying to go for the “gay travel” vibe, but that’s what I got from his campaign. Macy’s liked the cardigans and purchased them, despite Nicole Richie‘s earlier insistence that sweaters remind her of Bill Cosby and Mr. Rogers.

Nikki’s advertisement didn’t feature her design at all, which is, as Nicole said, “the worst thing she could have done.” Nikki made maxi dresses (of course) and they turned out just fine, but not special enough for the buyers to buy in.

Lastly Orli‘s motorcycle jacket-dress looked good in the ad, but just didn’t translate on stage. The buyers complained they couldn’t read her signature on the ad, which would make it hard for customers to go into stores and ask for her designs by name. Orli acted all put out by this and Luciana tried to explain it to her backstage. Orli maintained she was exasperated by this line of questioning. Nonetheless, she was in the bottom three along with Ross and Nikki, the other two without buys this week.

The mentors decided it was too difficult to make the decision so they passed the job onto the buyers, who ultimately sent Ross packing. His dated looks just weren’t what the stores were looking for and he told the camera, “They maybe don’t want this conservative Republican from Texas in their store — that’s fine!”

Yes, I’m fine with that, too. Bye Ross!

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