Felicia Day goes gay on “Supernatural”


Supernatural is the kind of show I usually love, all mysticism and spookiness and otherworldliness. But one thing keeps me from being a fan: the lack of strong women characters. Oh sure, females pop up from time to time, but this is a hunka-hunka man show and the stories themselves aren’t really interesting enough to claim space on my DVR.

Friday’s show was an exception. Kudos to the person who named the episode “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo,” because that alone was enough to get my attention. The appearance by geek goddess Felicia Day as said tattooed girl sealed the deal — and the episode was delightful.

Imagine a perky Lisbeth Salander. No, wait — that could make your head explode. Instead, see how many Lisbeth allusions you can find as we meet Day’s Charlie Bradbury.

Love the Princess Leia T-shirt. Actually, Charlie’s desk looks very much like my own: Wonder Woman and LOTR bobbleheads, Star Wars toys, and Hermione — Charlie’s inspiration.

In the episode, Charlie is a hacker for Roman industries, a huge corporation headed by a Leviathan named Dick. (From what I gathered in the episode, Leviathans are shapeshifters that eat people and take on their form.) Dick knows about Charlie’s hacking skills and gives her 48 hours to break into an encrypted hard drive with information that could be harmful to him.

Sam and Dean (which I never could keep straight because of “Sam” playing “Dean” in Gilmore Girls) track down Charlie and convince her to help them save the world from being eaten.

Being a life-long hacker, Charlie doesn’t have much experience in real world crime, so the Winchesters have to talk her through breaking in to Roman’s office. This cute scene is where we find out Charlie is a lesbian (as we figured).

The episode is full of geeky pop culture references and very funny. I’m sure I would’ve appreciated it even more if I watched the show, but I enjoyed it anyway. You can watch the entire ep at The CW website.

Who saw this episode of Supernatural? What did you think? If you’re a fan of the show, tell us why it’s worth watching.

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