Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Good Wife SnapCap (3.22) – The Dream Team


Wow. The Good Wife certainly knows how to end a season — with one of the best episodes of the year. A lot more happened than I can cover in a snapcap, but know this: TGW proved its merit once again. Even though we wondered where this season was going from time to time, the Kings brought everything together in a way that leaves us wanting more. Kudos. 


We picked up right where we ended the last episode, with Kalinda and Alicia finally together again for drinks. And the conversation was worth waiting for. 

“I’m not gay. I’m … flexible.” Yes, Kalinda, I’m sure you are. Ahem. 

The look on Kalinda’s face as they talk says it all: Kalicia lives. And we are very, very happy about it. Especially since the friendship is what keeps Kalinda from running away when her past returns to haunt her. We’ll get to that in a minute. 

One of the sexy highlights of the season has been the strength of Diane Lockhart. Let’s take a moment to celebrate her one more time, shall we?


OMG — so many feelings! Every feeling that a feeler could feel rose to the surface this week. Our Lockhart Gardner family is on the verge of bankruptcy after a very tough year. The Florrick family is doing well, learning to be content despite Alicia and Peter’s separation. 

Alicia and Will have overcome their awkwardness, even sharing a moment in the elevator in which Alicia told Will that she doesn’t regret their relationship. She does have a bit of regret about Jackie, however, when she realizes that Grams is not entirely well after all. 

All of those feelings pale in comparison to what Kalinda’s story brings up. Alicia follows up on one of K’s uncashed checks, leading to a cryptic conversation with a man that sparks a feeling we rarely see in Kalinda: fear. Still, she promises Alicia that she’ll take care of it — and springs into super-Kalinda mode. 

I love so much about that sequence, from Kalinda whipping on her sunglasses to completely ignoring the helpful hardware man who wants to show her a lightweight sledgehammer. On first viewing, I thought she went to a hotel room; then I realized that Kalinda’s apartment would be equally sparse. She would never allow her living space to reveal anything about her. She would never put down roots. She lives in a way that makes leaving at a moment’s notice easy — as she seems ready to do.

But Kalinda has something she’s never had before — a friend. And when she learns that the creepy phone guy — who turns out to be Kalinda’s husband — has tracked down Alicia at home, she knows running away is not an option. The man is dangerous and K can’t leave Alicia at risk. 

So. Many. Feelings. 


I dearly love Mark Linn-Baker, who’s probably still best known for Perfect Strangers, and he stars tonight as Judge Linden. I hope he returns next year, especially as a foil for Louis Canning. 

Michael J. Fox’s Canning teamed up with Martha Plimpton‘s Patti Nyholm this week to form a “dream team” with a mission to take down Lockhart Gardner. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of them next season. 

One uncredited guest star played Patti’s toddler, who trolled the halls of Lockhart Gardner in her walker most of the episode. Go back and watch the faces of the adults as she jingles by at the most inopportune moments — comedy gold.


Canning and Nyholm managed to put one over on the Lockhart Gardner team, snagging the client responsible for 20% of the firm’s billings. We don’t know who is behind their maneuvering — they said someone is paying them tons of money to bring down the firm. Whoever it is, I doubt they’re ready for a very pissed off Diane Lockhart. 

Kalinda returns to her apartment, moves a chair across from the front door, loads her gun, and waits. 

Alicia, meanwhile, leaves Peter and the kids having pizza, ambivalent about whether to go back in and join them. 

I love how we’re left with the faces of these three women as the thing they’ve worked hardest for is at the cusp of change. Diane sees the firm she built at risk of failure. Kalinda sees her freedom vanish as she risks danger in order to protect Alicia. Alicia sees the clear choice between continuing to grow in her career or returning to traditional family life. 

Three strong women, taking a hard look at their lives. And we have to wait until next season to see what’s next. 

U.S. viewers can watch the entire episode at the CBS website — and I encourage you to watch it even if you haven’t followed TGW this year. (Apologies again to non-U.S. viewers. We don’t have control over who can see the videos.)

Tell us what you think of this episode, and this season, of The Good Wife. Any ideas who wants to destroy Lockhart Gardner? Were you surprised Kalinda stayed to face her husband? Do you expect Alicia to move in with the family? 

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