Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.04) – “Slow Growing Monsters”



O’Jackie moments were scarce this episode, with the wonderful exception of a scene in which Jackie asked Eleanor how to explain rehab to Grace. 

“Has she seen Trainspotting?” Yes, she went there. Honestly, though, as disgusting and disturbing as that film is, if O’Hara asked me to watch it with her, I totally would — just to hear her say “trainspotting.”

No surprise, then, that the prospect of seeing Eleanor’s tattoo had me in a bit of a tizz. The reality was not quite up to the fantasy, however. As patient Jules said, it looked like “some kind of fish jumping over some kind of blob.”

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“Actually, it’s a porpoise and the blob is Australia. I spent my gap year in Byron Bay.” Methinks O’Hara focused on the gap that year. Nevertheless, her LLBFF loves it. A lot.


In Jackie’s mind, rehab marked a genuine change in her life. For the first time, she’s sincere about staying clean and sober. And naturally, she expects her family to be supportive. The problem is that Kevin and Grace — and to some extent Fiona — have heard it all before. Jackie is forever promising to be different. Why should they believe her now? Why should they even care? 

For Kevin, Jackie’s admission is a way to get custody of the kids. For Grace, it’s just another reason to hate her mom. For Fiona, it’s another thing that hurts — even if she’s not quite sure what it means. Even if Jackie had finished the entire rehab program, she’d be facing opposition. But she might’ve been ready for it. I’m afraid things are going to get much worse and Jackie doesn’t know how to get the support she needs from others who have been through recovery. 

At least she has two very good friends on her side.


Thor: “Antidepressants — not always a friend of the penis.”

Zoey: “Are they a friend of the vagina?”

Thor: “If I hear that sentence one more time today…”

Zoey: “I bet they are not.”

Coop: “Guys, enough. I don’t beat around the bush when it comes to another man’s penis.”

“Oh my gosh, you look so cute.”

“Cone of silence”


Rosie Perez guest started this week as Jules, a sassy patient who appeared to be quite pregnant but instead was dying of two rapidly growing desmoid tumors she called Alien and Predator. With about three weeks to live, Jules was crossing off items on her “f–k-it list,” which included deliberately horrifying people who thought she was pregnant. Of course, she and Jackie bonded immediately.

Jackie does take the Vicodin, but tosses it in the dumpster immediately. But letting go of a true love is never easy.

Down in the dumps, yes. But not so desperate that she can’t climb out. For Jackie, that’s real progress. Now she just has to prove it to the rest of the world.

Is anyone besides me still watching Nurse Jackie? Tell us what you think of the season so far. If you’ve stopped watching, let us know what made you give up. 

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