Ten hot off-show moments from the women of “Glee”


Last week, our sibling site AfterElton.com posted The Glee Cast’s 10 Hottest Moments Off the Show. For some reason, their hot moments all seemed to involve exceptionally fit men without shirts and I found myself repeating the mantra “Matthew Morrison is not Will Schuester,” trying to wipe a bare-chested Schue out of my mind.

To ease my suffering, I decided to replace the image with a few I wouldn’t mind remembering: the Glee women’s hottest moments off the show. The only problem I had was narrowing the list down to 10. I refuse to even try to rank them.

Dot Jones and Jane Lynch have a butch/femme moment

Photo courtesy of Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Backstage at the Golden Globes, we witnessed a gorgeous study in female gender expression — and probably one of the few times that Jane is the most femme lady in the photo.

Jenna Ushkowitz takes our breath away

Photo courtesy of Bob Charlotte/PR Photos

I’ve never really crushed on Tina, but after seeing this shot of Ushkowitz at the Golden Globes, I’ll never look at her the same way again.

Amber Riley channels Chaka Khan

Photo courtesy of Derek Blanks for Essence

Riley took advantage of her Essence photo shoot to promote her campaign to get idol Chaka Khan on Glee.

Jane shows her stuff

Photo courtesy of Michael Caulfield/Getty

Maybe Jane is simply proud of her People’s Choice Award, but the look on her face says much, much more. And we say, “Yes, please.”

Vanessa Lengies proves her skill with a drill

Photo courtesy of vanessa-lengies.net

Is anything hotter than a woman with tools? Lengies plugged in hers to help out at the Hollywood for Habitat for Humanity Build-A-Thon.

Naya Rivera covers Latina

Photo courtesy of Latina

Longtime fans petitioned Latina magazine to put Rivera on its cover, and this sexy shot is their reward — and ours. (Photo courtesy of Latina Magazine)

Heather Morris is brilliant in black & white

Photo courtesy of Carter Smith for Elle

When Elle saluted Hollywood horror movies, HeMo posed in “Repulsion” to express her glam side.

Lea Michele invites us into her garden

Photo courtesy of Darren Tieste for Prestige Hong Kong

Her character hasn’t graduated high school yet, but Michelle already is way out of our class in her Prestige photo shoot.

Dianna Agron stands tall

Photo courtesy of Carter Smith for Elle

Glee might not know what to do with Agron, but Elle certainly does in this sexy recreation of “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.”

Naya in the morning

Photo courtesy of FHM

This is a candid shot in my bathroom as we were getting ready for the day. Yes, you may borrow that fantasy.

Before you say, “How could you possibly leave out _____?!” remember that this is just 10 out of hundreds of hot off-set moments from Glee women. It’s up to you to extend the list — with photos, of course. And feel free to add more sexy shots for the women we’ve already mentioned. How’s that for a pleasant assignment?

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