“Fashion Star” Recap: Get Behind Your Design (Episode 7)


Ross is getting on my last nerve, talking smack about Kara‘s suits like nobody wears pants like that in America. Actually, Ross, outside of Texas, they do. And that’s why Kara got a buy from Saks Fifth Avenue, yet again, and why your evening gowns did not.

Nicole Richie was Kara’s mentor this week, and asked her to make full-on suits. And with the drop-crotch on the twill pants and rad plaid pattern, Kara won praise from Jessica Simpson, who said her crush on Ross was over; she has moved on to Kara. Smart woman.

Nicole also mentored Ronnie, trying to bring him out of his shell and directing him to do something chic. His sexy silk one-shoulder evening dresses got picked up by Macy’s.

Orly created a bidding war between Saks and H&M with her zipper column dresses. She went with the latter, since the goal of the show is to get buys from all three retailers and Orly already had the other two. She’s now officially the first competitor to have done so, though I don’t think Kara’s buys all being from Saks is too shabby, you know what I mean? Still, it’d be nice to be able to afford a piece or two.

H&M also picked up Luciana‘s printed minis, which were adorable and colorful — perfect for spring and summer.

Those who didn’t fare too well, besides Ross, include Nzimiro, with his unexciting menswear, Sarah and her unstructured dresses and Nikki, who was resistant to try a mini-dress and it showed.

For some reason, the mentors really believe in Nzimiro, despite his inconsistency when it comes to buys. He was the first one saved. And Nikki was also kept for her talent with maxis. So it was Sarah, who doubted herself and didn’t defend her design on stage, who got the axe. Still, she made $300,000 in sales to H&M during her time on the show. She just wasn’t ready for the other two retailers quite yet, but she’s also the greenest of the designers on the show.

As the reality show cliche goes, we’re getting “down to the wire” and Kara continues to be a frontrunner. With Nikki faltering a bit, and showing she might not have much range, it appears that Luciana continues to be her biggest threat. I won’t be sad if Ross goes home next time, but Jessica Simpson might.

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