Will “White Collar”‘s lesbian special agent take an undercover lover this season?


Special Agent Diana Berrigan will bring her swagger, aviators, suits, and, hopefully, an engagement ring back on our television screens soon. USA Network announced that White Collar’s fourth season will start on July 10.


Last season left off with a cliffhanger in which Neal Caffrey and Moszzie fled, with Papa Peter Burke’s blessing, to points unknown. The FBI would do well to pay attention to what the kids are watching because Neal appears to have spent a little time in Lima, Ohio posing as Blaine Anderson’s older brother before skipping off to the tropical locale where Mozzie stashed their treasure. It seems that even Neal can’t resist the draw of McKinley High with its musical numbers, 25-year-old high school students, and gay sharks.

Along with the announcement that the show will return in July rather than in August, some of the folks joining the cast as guest stars have been announced. Spoilers ahead.

Let’s work our way up to the good, gay news. First we have Mekhi Phifer joining the cast as the FBI’s best man-hunter who has a success rate of 100% when you include the fugitives he brought back in a body bag. Cue the music that is supposed to make us worry for Neal’s safety despite the fact that he’s the main character and the show doesn’t work without him. Since Ilene Chaiken isn’t writing this one, we can be pretty sure they aren’t going to kill off this charming, quirky, funny, main character.

We also learned that Rebecca Mader (Lost) will play Abigail, a con who blackmails Neal into working with her on a heist. Apparently Abigail isn’t just after Neal, though, as she tries to cozy up to Agent Berrigan who is working undercover to try to catch Abigail.

Rebecca Mader

Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images

Since the start of the series Diana has been dating, and is now engaged to, her lovely fiancée Christie so we haven’t gotten a chance to see her work it with the ladies. While I am securely in favor of seeing Diana and Christie have a happy ending and a big lesbian wedding on the show (if only to get another chance to see the phantom Christie), I would love to see a little of Agent Berrigan’s game in action.

We’ve seen her fake it before in undercover situations; as a pretend escort and as Peter’s fake mistress, but never in a girl-girl scene. Even if it’s just for the good of the case we can hope she and Abigail get a little flirty. Please Father Christmas, if you love us at all; bring us another episode in which Marsha Thomason uses her silky Mancunian accent alongside fellow Brit, Mader. Dueling lesbians with British accents on American television? Usually we have to go to Lip Service for that sort of Hot Cop vs. Bad Girl banter.

Marsha Thomason

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Is it July yet?

Are you looking forward to the Season 4 premiere? Will you tune in to see Abigail try to get between Diana and her Calvins?

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