Gay Girls Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.21) – “Penalty Box”


Let’s all join hands and praise the writing team of The Good Wife. You want equality on prime time? You want a woman/woman scene every bit as hot as a woman/man scene? You got it. 


Kalana fans, your ship came in this week. Never, EVER, have we seen this kind of heat from Kalinda. Cary? Nope. Blake? Nope. Sophia? Nope. 

But here’s the problem. Lana is not on Kalinda’s side — and we don’t know why. She keeps “leaking” information about tax problems. This time, she told Lemond Bishop that he might have some tax issues because of work Kalinda did for him. And Bishop, if you don’t remember, is a Very Bad Man (and the city’s top meth dealer) who will do whatever he needs to in order to avoid the attention of the FBI. Kalinda is legitimately afraid for her life. She decides to have a heart-to-heart with Lana — that veers to other body parts very quickly. (The really good part starts just before the 2:00 mark.)

Warning: Video is slightly NSFW

Is Kalinda really into Lana or is she playing her? On the other hand, with scenes like this, do we care? In any case, we’ve never seen the always-in-control investigator this emotional and vulnerable. I’m warning you, Lana, if anything happens to Kalinda, you’ll have a few hundred thousand pissed off lesbians ready to string you up by your silky, shiny hair. And Alicia will help. 


I’m not sure I could handle much beyond that incredibly tense blend of titillation and terror Archie Panjabi gave us this week (hello, Emmy!). Fortunately, not all of our feelings were fearful. The firm rehired Cary, which actually seemed right, despite my misgivings about him earlier this season. His return was a great reason to go out for a drink after work, ending the episode with the best Kalicia scene all year.

Nothing melts the ice like a few beers — and the threats of a meth dealer. 


David Paymer‘s Judge Cuesta became a defendant this episode with the wonderful Stephen Root taking the bench as Judge Murphy Wicks, “Murph.” 

Julianne Nichols returned as Callie, who thankfully didn’t get a job at Lockhart/Gardner, but prompted Diane to say to Will, “Could you please keep your pants zipped?” Even in just her red bra, however, Callie couldn’t compete for our attention with Cuesta’s former investigator Laura Stokes (Nancy Lemenager).

If all investigators are like Kalinda and Laura, I need to start hanging out at the courthouse.


You guys, I’m really scared for Kalinda. Lana made the situation very clear to Alicia: She’s not giving up. Lana sees Kalinda as her chance to get to Bishop and doesn’t care if Kalinda gets killed in the process. It’s the job, after all. The hot ones always turn out to be crazy, don’t they? 

Next week is the season finale and a lot of things are unsettled. But now that Alicia and Kalinda are doing tequila shots again, I think everything’s going to turn out OK. Fingers crossed.

Your turn – share your thoughts on this week’s The Good Wife. Well, not all of your thoughts; some things are best saved for your dreams.

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