Gay Girl’s Goggles: “Nurse Jackie” SnapCap (4.03) – “The Wall”


Mental health is tricky, mostly because you really don’t know if you have it until you don’t. Have it, I mean. So for someone who’s never done the actual work of getting healthy, finishing a 28-day program in two weeks makes sense — you get better faster, right? Probably not. But Jackie has to learn that for herself. She does steps 4 – 8 in one sleepless night and thinks she’s ready to go home. You think rehab is hell, Jackie? Just wait until you have to face the world sober. 


O’Jackie is proof that opposites attract. Eleanor raises her eyebrow rather than her voice to make her point. But she clearly is frustrated that Jackie left rehab so quickly. “I’ve had holidays that lasted longer.” 

Jackie is full of promises that she can do it, that she knows she can count on O’Hara, that Ellie saved her life, etc. All O’Hara hears is “etcetera, etcetera.” 

“Don’t flirt with me and ask me to make this easier for you,” Eleanor says. “I love you but I’m not prepared to pretend that leaving rehab was a good decision. They said you weren’t ready to leave; I wish you’d been a good patient and listened for a change … [sigh] You know where to find me if things start to go pear-shaped.” 

Yet, the friend-ship still sails strong, with one of the sweetest O’Jackie scenes yet — courtesy of a hand-held ultrasound. 

Dr. O’Hara: “It’s a boy.” 

Jackie: “Thank god.”


Jackie’s first day back at All Saints is definitely pear-shaped. The other nurses regale her with stories about the new rules. Kelly gives Jackie four Fentanyl patches to welcome her back. Eddie greets her with news that he told Kevin about their affair. Grace won’t talk to her mom on the phone. And for the first time since Grace was born, Jackie gets a full dose of feelings. And what sends Jackie to Eleanor is a surprise.

Hungry-Angry-Lonely-Tired. You made it through the day, Jackie. Oh, and we like your hair. Very much.


Zoey: “Welcome back – did you get my emails?”

Jackie: “No.” 

Zoey: “Really? Did you check your emails?”

Jackie: “No.”

Zoey: “It’s not your fault, but every 12 days I go through this thing where I wish you were a completely different person for 24 hours.”

If you like it, you shoulda’ put a ring on it. 


A couple of lesbians showed up in the ER this week, bickering as only two women can. Even after an EKG indicates that one of them had a mild heart attack, they keep bickering. Or, as Jackie describes them: “lesbians on the rocks.”

Cruz wouldn’t let Jackie take the time she wanted to give them advice, which is one of many new rules Jackie’s up against now. But she does pretty well for her first day back. She nearly succumbs to the Fetanyl temptation, but ends up ratting out Kelly to Cruz instead — and then tells Kelly that somebody ratted him out so he’d better run. It was an “old Jackie” thing to do, but she did get rid of an obstacle to her sobriety, so I’ll give her this one. A greater obstacle may be facing an empty house sober — we’ll see how she handles that next episode. 

Comments on this week’s Nurse Jackie? How do you think she handled her first day back at All Saints? Are you loving the O’Jackie moments this season

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