TV Alert: Out comic Erin Foley on “Conan” tonight


Out comedian Erin Foley has been performing stand up for over 10 years. She’s traveled the world with Atlantis and Sweet Cruises, she’s worked with Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous) and Idina Menzel (Wicked, Glee) and tonight she’s appearing on Conan on TBS. I spoke with Foley about preparing for her big gig and how gay she’ll be in her nationally televised comedy set. Congratulations on booking a spot on Conan! When did you find out the good news and what were your first thoughts?
Erin Foley: I found out the good news about two weeks ago. My first reaction was pure excitement. It’s been a goal of mine for a while to book Conan, so to see it come to together is fantastic.

AE: Can you describe your preparation process for the upcoming show? Do you know how long your set will be?
EF: My set will be about four point five minutes. Once the set was cleared with the booker of the show, I’ve been running the set over and over. It’s ready to go!

AE: Do you already know which jokes you’ll be telling? Any jokes specifically for the lesbian/bi audience?
EF: Yes, I do mention that I’m gay and in a relationship. I’ll also be carrying a softball glove.

AE: You’ve been doing stand up for years now. What does doing late night television mean for you personally and for your career?
EF: I think booking a late night show gives me a nice career boost. Hopefully this television credit will lead to more work. And more work will lead to more money. And more money will buy hookers. I mean a house. A house!

AE: Which other big name shows/opportunities do you have your sights set on? 
EF: I would like to tape a new comedy CD and DVD later this year and continue to headline comedy clubs throughout the country. And, of course, I’ll take any TV or film opportunities that come my way!

Do you ever get nervous before a performance/taping? If so, do you have a ritual you do beforehand?
EF: I still get nervous before big comedy shows/tapings but it’s definitely more manageable. I just try and think about the large, cold gin and tonic I’ll be drinking as soon as its over!

AE: Would you ever want to have your own late night talk show ala The Erin Foley Show? If so, what would the audience be in store for? 
EF: The Erin Foley Show? Why not! I think it would be about sports, sports and sports. And comedy. And maybe laughing about sports. I should flesh this idea out…

Watch Foley tonight at 11 p.m. on TBS’s Conan. For more information on Foley, check out her official website, find her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

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