“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.20): “The Girl With No Name”


Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy episode, “The Girl With No Name,” was quite a doozy. If you enjoy experiencing multiple emotions at once including immense sadness, anger, fear (and nausea), then this was the episode for you!


If you’re an avid GA fan (like me) then you’ve spent years with these characters and you’re invested in their future. This week the residents at Seattle Grace Hospital are traveling the country interviewing for positions at some of the top medical facilities. Well, except for Alex, since Arizona is sabotaging him by only giving recommendations to crappy hospitals so he won’t leave her service. Arizona is such a cheeky monkey!

If the residents leave, which actors will fill their shoes? When Santana graduates from Glee I vote that she become Seattle Grace’s head candy striper. Meow! #bestideaever!


Meredith’s V.O. says it all, “When you’re a kid you always want things to stay the same. The same teacher, the same house, the same friends. Being a surgeon is no different. You get used to the same attendings, the same scrub nurses, the same hospital. Of course, that all changes the minute fifth year comes around. And you have to find a new job.” No, Meredith don’t leave me…errr…I mean the show.

Not surprisingly Cristina is being courted by the best hospitals in the country. They are sending her gifts (enormous fruit baskets – though Liz Lemon would prefer a meat basket) and wining and dining her. Teddy throws her name in the hat as well.

Teddy (to Cristina): As far as teachers, I’m a catch. And I’m groveling.

Since Teddy doesn’t know about Owen’s affair she has no idea why Cristina is so eager to get out of Dodge. Teddy is so desperate for Cristina to stay at the hospital that she reaches out to Owen for help.

Teddy: Fix it, and make her stay.

Owen: Don’t you ever talk to me about my wife ever again. I’m your Chief not your friend! You’ve made that very clear.

The most emotional storyline in this episode (for me at least) is a young female patient who had been kept against her will by a man for 12 years.

At the age of six she was kidnapped outside of a grocery store, locked in a house five miles from her parent’s home, raped, beaten, torchered and even gave birth to a baby who later died. (And you think you have problems.) Meredith bonds with the patient instantly and tries to figure out her name and background.

The patient says, “He called me Susan but I think it’s Holly.” A birth mark under Holly’s arm confirms she’s in fact the missing 6-year-old girl.

I’m diagnosing Holly with Stockholm Syndrome. She recalls some of the “good times” she’s had with her abuser. Holly’s parents show up and are overwhelmed with emotions after seeing what that monster did to their little girl.

Watch the clip below in which Holly explains her life in captivity.

Whores & Gore

Richard visits his Alzheimer stricken wife Adele in the nursing home and Adele declares to him, “I’m in love.” But she’s not taking about Richard, she’s talking about another Alzheimer patient named Alan.

Obviously Richard is upset but it gets worse when he walks in on Adele and Alan in bed together. Richard complains to the head of the nursing home who seems to think Alan and Adele’s affair is normal. (Dear Richard, Move Adele to a different nursing home with only female residents and make sure there is a lock on her bedroom door. Love, Bridget)

Richard ends up sucking it up since Adele seems to be so happy. He even gives up his seat for Alan so he can be with Adele. (That would not happen with my wife.)

Medical Mishaps

Bailey makes Holly’s situation all about her. Since she’s a parent, losing her child would be her worst nightmare, so she’s squeamish when the doctor’s nonchalantly talk about Holly’s trauma. Bailey really flies off the handle when at the end of the day she arrives at the hospital nursery and discovers that her son Tucker is missing. Bailey demands a “code pink,” which I assume means a hospital lock down so Tucker can’t get out of the building. After moments of immense anxiety and heavy breathing Tucker walks in from the nurse’s office. Tucker had a nose bleed and a daycare worker held his hand and walked him down to the nurse’s office for medical attention. Don’t worry Bailey, Tucker is fine.

At the end of the episode Cristina and Meredith drink tequila shots at the airport bar (did anyone else notice that Cristina ordered the shots and then stuck Meredith with the bill?) as they head off to different cities for job interviews. Meredith isn’t sure if she wants to leave the life she’s set up in Seattle.

Cristina (to Meredith): We’ve been preparing for this for the past five years. Of course I want to leave. You should, too.

Don’t listen to her, Meredith! You stay put. Unless of course you and Cristina decided to leave your husbands, move to Provincetown, MA and open a lesbian urgent care facility. #secondbestideaever!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Where the frak was Callie? Is it just me or did Bailey take Tucker’s visit to the nurse to the DEFCON 1?

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