Feminist Friday: Scouting, Hunting, and Cake


Hello, and happy Friday! Let’s get rowdy. 

Grody News

GLAAD has been working with Jennifer Tyrell, a mom who used to volunteer with her son’s Boy Scout troop. But then the Boys Scouts of America told her that she’s not allowed to be a den leader because she has The Gay. You can tell she was a really bad influence: During Tyrell’s tenure as den leader, her Scouts volunteered in a soup kitchen, worked to conserve a state park, and collected canned goods for church food drives. 

Photo from GLAAD

And the BSA isn’t even bothering to pretend it’s something else: Scout executive Bob Drury said, “We do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avow homosexuals.” Way to teach values! 

Really, Boy Scouts? Benighted prejudices aside, are you seriously suggesting that there could be someone better than a lesbian to teach about camping, handmade crafts, and folk songs? On what planet? 

The great part is that Tyrell has gotten real support from her Scouts and their parents

Want to help? Sign Tyrell’s change.org petition to be reinstated or you can check out GLAAD’s ongoing work

In other maddening news, the Ohio GOP is trying to de-fund 37 Planned Parenthood clinics around the state. Sorry if you needed a yearly screening, Buckeye ladies! Your health is secondary to political grandstanding. I’m sure you consider it a small price to pay. Ed Schultz had Ohio State Senator Nina Turner on for a few choice words, and she was as cut-to-the-chase as always, pointing out that this isn’t just a war on women, it’s a war on poor women. Turner does not pull punches. God, I have the biggest best friend crush on her. Call me, Senator Turner! 

Say, were you wondering if Michele Bachmann is still a double-talking lunatic? Three guesses. This time she’s talking about how the best kind of choice is, um, choosing to not have any. 

And, for your final taste of bile, this happened this week: on Watch What Happens LiveLoretta Devine acted like Chris Brown brutally beating Rihanna, biting her, and trying to shove her out of a car was no big deal, because it’s not like he was the first guy to do such a thing. Call me baffled. The fact that such attacks on women are way more common than we’d like to admit seems like a good reason to pay more attention to them, not less. 

I’ll just link to the police report real quick and you can decide if it’s a big deal or not for yourself. 

So how do we deal with the problem of women helping to dismiss and perpetuate the cycle of violence against women? Hit the comments with your thoughts. 

Of  Interest 

“In a democracy, recognition matters.” That’s Melissa Harris-Perry giving a good basic intro to this terrific, smart segment on being trans in America. You’ll also see the excellent Kate Bornstein, New York City City Council candidate Mel Wymore, and Mara Keisling from the National Center for Transgender Equality.


To help our friends across the pond understand the current war-on-women lunacy, Ana Marie Cox conducted a Q&A for The Guardian this week. If you’re into politics – or even just dipping a toe in – you could do worse than to follow Ms. Cox. She’s inside-the-Beltway savvy, hilarious, and a staunch supporter of marriage equality. 

Hey, the Time 100 is out! Regardless of how you feel about the magazine’s relevance and, you know, ranking people, you’ll be interested in this clip on Ai-jen Poo, who is leading a push for worker’s rights for housekeepers, nannies, and home care workers. 

Festival of Awesome

Are you tired of the whole fakeball stay-at-home mom controversy? Me too. So here’s working mom Tina Fey being delightful while talking about motherhood and champion show dog Tina Fey

Speaking of hilarious ladies, Aisha Tyler has a series called XIII coming to Reelz. Ooh, check out the trailer – she looks like a total bad-ass. And she maintains her own brand of bad-assery in real life, tweeting in support of Planned Parenthood and reminding us that just because we’re done with Rick Santorum doesn’t mean women’s health programs are safe. 

You know who’s going to grow up cool? This girl

Did you seriously think I was going to let Jane Goodall on The Daily Show slip by? Please. I’d sooner greet you without pant-hooting and properly grooming you. 

What could be more awesome than that? Your new job. Which is lawyer-eagle hunter. No, Makpal Abrazakova doesn’t hunt eagles. She hunts with an eagle

Here’s to spending your weekend like you’ve got a raptor of your own on your shoulder.

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