“Lost Girl” starts filming Season 3 with new faces in the cast and crew


Lost Girl is over. Long live Lost Girl. The popular Canadian series just finished airing its second season earlier this month, but the cast and crew are already busy at work on the third season — and there are many changes afoot for our favorite pulsating blue-eyed succubus and her merry band of Fae and friends.

All photos courtesy of Showcase

Filming began in Toronto April 11 and the new season will feature some changes in front of and behind the camera. The Season 3 press release from Prodigy Pictures, which produces the show, promises “more twists and turns for TV’s favorite succubus” when it premieres on Showcase in the fall. Per the press release:

This season sees Bo make a romantic choice, but finds the road to commitment riddled with obstacles. Throughout the season, unexpected jeopardy stalks Bo and those she cares about. Though Bo battles many foes, her greatest enemy will prove to be the one that resides within her.

Looks like it’ll be a brown-eyed Bo v. blue-eyed Bo smackdown. But, more interestingly, it’ll be a Lauren v. Dyson decision. Given how Doccubus ended Season 2 with a kiss, I would put my money on Dr. Hotpants. But you never know, wolf boy got his love back.

Joining the cast will be the new characters of Tasmin (played by Rachel Skarsten from Flashpoint and Birds of Prey) a “thrill-seeking, sexy new Fae who ruffles many feathers.”

But apparently leaving the crew will be series creator Michele Lovretta. Instead writer Emily Andras will take over as showrunner. Lovretta is not listed in the Season 3 press release from Prodigy Pictures, which produces the show. Instead Andras joined original executive producer Jay Firestone.

Lovretta wrote both the first and second season premiere episodes, as well as several key episodes throughout the show’s run including season 1’s “Vexed,” when Lauren and Bo sleep together for the first time. The last episode she wrote was the second episode of the second season, “I Fought the Fae (and the Fae Won).” Last season Andras wrote the Baba Yaga, body swap, Hale’s fiery family and Trick tells Bo he’s her gramps episodes.

It’s too early to say what Lovretta’s departure will mean for the series moving forward. One can only hope it will continue to embrace Bo’s bisexuality. And, for the Team Lauren legions, let’s hope they continue to explore and exploit Anna Silk and Zoie Palmer’s sizzling onscreen chemistry.

And for those of you still not caught up on last season, SyFy has started airing the second season this week. Episodes will air on Monday nights at 10 p.m.

So, thoughts on Season 3? I’ll tell you one thing, the waiting succucks.

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