Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Good Wife” SnapCap (3.20) – “Pants on Fire”


Sometimes a good twist can perk up a TV show like nothing else can. If the show is already great, it’s even better. I daresay nobody expected the final scene of The Good Wife tonight. We may not like what happened, but it’s damn fine television.


Kalinda was her usual brilliant self, noticing a detail that changed the direction of a case after all the police work in town pointed elsewhere. Otherwise, Ms. Sharma was not featured much this week. I do love this picture of Kalicia, though.

That double zipper action should inspire all manner of fanfic.

The Good Wife gave us a bit of Sapphic meta casting this week with the appearance of Julianne Nicholson as attorney Callie Simko. Nicholson, you recall, played Samantha, a love interest of Elizabeth Reaser‘s Allegra in Puccini for Beginners.

Reaser is a recurring guest on The Good Wife as Tammy, a Will love interest. Looks like Callie is headed to be bedded by Will, too. I vote for a planned threesome — in which Will doesn’t show up. All in favor?


This episode started right where the last one ended, with Alicia confronting Jackie about buying the Florricks’ former house. Jackie naturally plays innocent, all “I’m just doing something sweet for my family!” while Alicia is all “Get out of my life, you old biddy!” Gay men will probably reenact the catty dialog all week, so I’ll just give you a highlight:

“You’re finally getting what you want, Jackie.”

“And what is that?”

“Replacing me.”

“Oh, Alicia, I am not replacing you. You left.”

Meow. Jackie pushes every button I have; I practically explode with rage every time she is on screen. Yes, she reminds me of my mother. Why?

The other crazy-making scenes were between Alica and Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry). Mike visits Alicia about the Blue Ribbon Panel verdict, only to twist the facts of the visit when he announces his campaign for governor. When Alicia confronts him, Mike acts like he has no idea what she’s talking about. Nothing feels more insane than confronting a liar who insists that the lie is true.

Can somebody say “sociopath”?


The other recurring guest star besides Perry and Nicholson was Parker Posey as Eli’s ex Vanessa. Eli and Vanessa reconnected in a very basic way this week, but when Eli was forced to choose between his heart and his, um, head, he chose Peter. (I didn’t mean that to sound quite so dirty, but since it does, I’ll leave it to you to figure out who’s who.)

Joanna Gleason returned as Judge Romano and Dennis Boutsikaris was back as attorney Tommy Segera. I didn’t recognize any of the defendants in the trial, so let me know if you saw a familiar face.


We had several surprises leading up to the biggie. The encounter with Mike leads Alicia to tell Peter that she wants him to run for governor. It’s a well-written scene that shows how much Alicia has grown since she and Peter separated. Her self-confidence allows her to tell him how much she respects his career, despite their personal differences. Peter is honestly touched.

Peter demonstrates some confidence of his own, finally telling Jackie to butt out of his life. It’s a great moment. Until Jackie has a stroke — maybe. We get the feeling that she’s faking, although I’m not certain how someone can fake a stroke. It’s very convenient and Jackie milks it for all it’s worth, worming her way right back into Peter’s business.

Maybe that’s what leads to the stunner that closes the episode: Peter announces his run for governor — with Alicia at his side.

What? Is she going to stay with him through the campaign? Or does Alicia have her own agenda?

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