The AfterEllen Huddle: Crossovers we’d like to see


This week we fantasized about some characters we’d like to see crossover into other shows we love. Lucy Hallowell came up with the idea, based on her obsession with the real life friendship between Jessica Capshaw and Sasha Alexander. And since some shows have actually allowed these sorts of things to happen (I’m looking at you Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice), we decided to come up our dream scenarios.

Team, who would you like to see crossover?

Lucy Hallowell: I think it’s about time for Arizona Robbins to make a trip to Boston to visit her med school friend, Dr. Maura Isles. What’s not to love about Arizona? She’s funny, hot, smart as hell, and tough (except for that whole crying when confronted with authority thing). In school, Arizona helped the hyper rational Maura navigate the difficult world of interacting with actual people (much like Angela does for Bones). Arizona probably helped steer the lovely Dr. Isles toward a field in which bedside manner was irrelevant and away from Arizona’s own field. The thought of Dr. Isles trying to chat with child patients is terrifying.

We know Arizona is a “good man in a storm” and if having your LLBFF shoot your Dad doesn’t qualify as a category 5 hurricane I don’t know what does. So it’s time for Arizona to pack up her bags and ship on up to Boston to help out her old friend. Frankly, after last week’s revelations on Grey’s Anatomy about Arizona’s skills at wooing the ladies, I’ve got money on the fact that she and Maura practiced some “procedures” together in med school, you know, for research. Jane’s inevitable jealousy manifested as sulking, stomping her lesbian boots, and inappropriately shooting someone would just be a icing on the very pretty cake.

The Linster: I’d love to see a brief scene in Smash in which the producers/directors are looking at demo tapes from some of the Glee kids. The highlight is when Derek stands up and dramatically sweeps the DVD player off the table and onto the floor, shouting, “WE DON’T USE AUTO-TUNE IN LIVE PRODUCTIONS, IDIOTS!”

Dara Nai: The Parks Department of Pawnee, Indiana travels to New York City to attend a national conference on swing set safety. Once there, Lesile convinces everyone to get up at 6 a.m. to stand outside The Today Show, while secretly planning on getting upstairs to meet her idol, Dateline‘s Lester Holt.

When she doesn’t return, Ron Swanson goes looking for her. They find themselves in the production offices of TGS with Tracy Jordan where they meet Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy, who are having a meeting to discuss a sketch called “The March on Ragina,” which is funny because Ragina sounds like vagina.

Eventually, the rest of the Parks Department find their way upstairs. Andy excitedly tells April he’s met the Smartest Man in the Universe and introduces her to Kenneth. Finding they have an affinity for meat, scotch and economist Milton Friedman, Jack takes Ron to Keen’s Steakhouse on West 36th Street because it’s delicious and manly in a way that is only possible above 14th Street. Leslie helps Liz Lemon solve her ambiguous footwear problem once and for all by showing off her Easy Spirits. They look like a pump, but feel like a sneaker.

The fun comes to an abrupt end when Tracy Jordan and Tom Haverford are chased into Brooklyn by angry homeless people while trying to open an underground club called Filth, located in the bowels of the NYC subway.

The gang from Pawnee return to Indiana happy and tired, except for Chris Traeger, who was last seen showing his abs to Jenna Maroney and was never heard from again.

Bridget McManus: I want Grey’s Anatomy‘s Dr. Arizona Robbins and Dr. Callie Torres to appear on ABC’s obstacle course competition show Wipeout. These ladies can save lives but can they survive a face-plant into a pool of murky water after being shot out of a cannon? Now that’s entertainment!

Karman Kregloe: I’d like to see Rachel Maddow (The Rachel Maddow Show) make a guest appearance on Finding Bigfoot, assisting Ranae Holland and those other guys in their search for the mythical (?) beast. If two intelligent, resourceful and fact-loving butches can’t find sasquatch, then it doesn’t exist!

Ali Davis: I’m going to kick it old-school and say that I’d like to see a Xena-Wonder Woman crossover. They’d drive each other crazy (“Do you have to dress in bright colors? We’re supposed to be sneaking up on these people!” “Would it kill you to put in a few hot rollers in before you go to bed?”), but then they’d get to comparing yonic weapons and kicking butt side-by-side, and they’d forge a mutual respect. And, dare I say, attraction?

Then, if they had time, I would like them to kick down the doors of Dancing with the Stars and have a firm and informative talk about female athleticism and the beauty of flexible gender roles.

But any dual butt-kicking would be fine.

Emily Hartl: It would be amazing if Schmidt and Cece of New Girl carried onto their own series when it finally kicks it (which my wife and I are hoping is not soon). We’re worried the series might be stricken with Arrested Development syndrome, AKA too brilliant for its time. Also, if those two carry the torch we will probably see more of Jess and less Nick.

Trish Bendix: I’d like Lost Girl‘s Bo and Lauren to wander South to Bon Temps and go for a drink at Merlotte’s. True Blood could use another supernatural babe and a hot doc to mend all the wounds vampires incite but don’t clean up after.

Courtney Gillette: I’ve been gorging myself on Mad Men recently, so I’m gonna say can we please get Sally Draper a better family? I’m picturing her living with Coach Taylor and Mrs. Coach from Friday Night Lights. Julie could be her awesome big sister, Mrs. Coach would be attentive to her emotional needs, and her friendship with Glen in his pee-wee football uniform would not be chastened but instead celebrated. Plus, how cute would Sally be with a Texas accent? Super cute.

Heather Hogan: Courtney nailed it with sending Sally Draper to live with the Taylors. I pretty much imagine that exact scenario each week when I’m watching Mad Men. But another idea I have is kind of the opposite thing: To send Betty “Go Beat Your Head Against The Wall” Draper on a time-traveling adventure to meet some of the greatest parents of all time. Betty Draper meets Claire Huxtable. Betty Draper meets Elyse Keaton. Betty Draper meets Cam and Mitchell. Betty Draper meets Joyce Summers. Hell, Betty Draper could probably learn something from even Homer Simpson.

OK, your turn! Who? What show? Who/what would they be doing?

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