“Ringer” surprises with a Sapphic twist


Once upon a time, the AfterEllen.com community was very excited to learn that Sarah Michelle Gellar would return to TV in Ringer. Our excitement grew when we learned we would get double the SMG — twins!

Of course, being your servants, we had to do recaps, and Dorothy Snarker generously volunteered to obsess about the SMG twins week after week.

Except Ringer didn’t offer much obsession-worthy material. The show took itself too seriously — face it, we need a little tongue in cheek humor to buy that Andrew didn’t have a clue that his wife’s sister had stepped into her life. When the show went on hiatus, many viewers left for good.

For reasons known only to the Sapphic goddesses, I kept watching. And this week’s episode paid off my dedication big time. Spoilers ahead.

Last week, we learned that Andrew’s first wife Catherine (Andrea Roth) had gone over the edge, leaving sanity behind. Turns out that she’s the one who wanted Siobhan dead and hired the hitman that Bridget-as-Siobhan (B/S) killed. Not one to give up on her dreams, Catherine drugs B/S and leaves her in the tub to drown. When Andrew comes home and saves B/S, Catherine takes them both — and Juliet, too, when she gets home — hostage.

And then! Catherine makes a phone call: “It’s me, baby.” To our delight, this is “baby.”

Oh, Olivia, we knew you had it in you. As Miss Snarker observed long ago, where Jaime Murray goes, the gay often follows. And Ringer graciously gives us a glimpse of how she brought the gay to Catherine six weeks earlier. Catherine gets kicked out of Andrew’s place, where she’d been staying. So, she goes where anyone would go, if given the chance.

Catherine and Olivia trash Andrew for a while, then men in general, and then…

I know. They always cut right when things get interesting. If only we’d seen the scene prior to this.

Unfortunately, minutes later Olivia realizes that she’s slept with yet another crazy women and worse, a homicidal one. I hate when that happens.

Good thing Catherine already knew how to do lesbian drama.

The good news is that Jaime Murray seems to have broken the spell of dying at the end of her TV roles. I’m not certain that Olivia will be back (or if Ringer will get another season), but at least we know she lives to seduce another day. I wonder how I could get on her schedule.

Did you see the big reveal on Ringer? Were you surprised? Tell us your every feeling.

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