“Fashion Star” Recap: Window Shopper (Episode 5)


It was a close one this week, guys. The designers had to come up with something that would stop window shoppers in their tracks and bring them into the store. Let’s start with those who were successful.

Sarah scored yet again with both H&M and me. Her reversible spring/summer blazers were picked up, but the H&M buyer reminded her that, to win the whole competition, she’ll have to get buys from Macy’s and Saks, too. Sarah said she is trying to figure out how to appeal to all three buyers while keeping her own voice and aesthetic. She gets another week to figure that out.

Nikki continued to make maxi dresses, but this time they were a little more glam. H&M picked those up, too.

I didn’t really love Ronnie‘s sleveless V dresses, but Macy’s did. And Ross scored with Macy’s, offering up some cropped double-breasted vests that I would at least try on.

Saks bought Luciana‘s black cut-out sheath dress, which wasn’t super exciting, either. I guess they figure you can’t go wrong with an LBD that has a little something different. (By LBD I mean little black dress, not lesbian bed death.)

Kara‘s shirt dresses were cute, but failed to pique the interest of the buyers, who said they wouldn’t bring people in from the street to the stores. Despite not getting a buy, she was saved this week and not in the bottom three. Her potential is obvious and I bet she’d never call these “the boyfriend shirt” or something dumb like that.

Nzimiro had some cool men’s jackets, but just didn’t do it for any of the retailers. I really liked this slate color, though.

Who was in the bottom three: Orli, whose last-minute shorts were universally panned by the mentors and judges, but they believe in her and kept her around.

Barbara, whose high-waist dresses reminded me of something you’d buy at a discount store. She, too, was saved, for some unknown reason.

And Edmond, who was eventually sent home for his lack of imagination in his men’s button-downs.

I am not too scared for Kara — yet. Next week it appears each designer has to do something outside of their comfort zones. This will be interesting!

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