“Glee” returns tonight and teases us with more Brittana promos coming up


At last our long, national nightmare is over. Or, depending on how you feel about Mr. Shue and his sweater vests, beginning all over again. Glee

Tonight’s episode, “Big Brother,” centers around the appearance of Blaine’s big brother Cooper Anderson, played by Matt Bomer. It also looks like those plucky New Direction kids are will be put through the roller coaster tomorrow — quite literally.

Still as exciting as all that is, some new promos images for upcoming episodes should get the Brittaniacs among us even more excited. Especially stills from episode 317, the upcoming Whitney Houston tribute. The episode, titled “Dance with Somebody,” airs April 24 and will see the Glee kids paying homage to the late singer. And it looks to include the big Brittana duet series star Naya Rivera tweeted about last month.

There’s no official word on what songs will be used in the Whitney tribute, but from the looks of their outfits I’d say Brittany and Santana are doing some form of “How Will I Know,” complete with giant hair ribbons and awesome forearm warmers. And they’d better change the lyrics to “How will I know if she really loves me?” for the duet.

But it’s not just Brittana fans who should get excited for the Whitney tribute. Pezberry shippers will have their moment as well. Though there are considerably less visual cues about what song they’ll be singing together.

Fox has also released pictures from the preceding episode 316, “Saturday Night Glee-ver,” which will be a tribute to — you guessed it — the 1977 John Travolta film Saturday Night Fever. Though, I see a remarkable lack of polyester leisure suits in these images if that’s the case.

The last image is of Glee Project finalist Alex Newell, who will begin an arc as “mystery man” Wade. Oh, good, because I’m always saying if only Glee had MORE characters. Sheesh.

So, thoughts on the new promo pictures? Excited for the return of Glee? Man, I’ve missed those Cheerio “skirts.”

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