“True Blood” recap (6.6): The Hot Tall Blonde One

Back in Vamp Camp’s little Thunderdome, Eric and Pam square off, even levitating a few feet off the ground to fight for the pleasure of The Newlins and Governor Burrell. Except what they are really doing is communicating with their eyes the best way out of this situation, which turns out to be the rather elegant murder of their guards. Steve is so terrified that he stools his pigeon, and the rest of the crowd is baffled that their gladiator plan backfired. But that’s really the dominant theme of the episode; the unpredictability and ungovernability of the human heart, especially when it is full of love.

Pam 6.6

Speaking of—I’m going to be super generous and allow that it is “love”—when Bill discovers Jessica has been imprisoned, he reacts with the exact same horror Andy and Governor Bill felt for their daughters. The more set against each other these characters are, the more they have in common, it seems. Lost, he gets Dr. Takahashi to put him into a coma, so he may commune once more with Lilith.

When he arrives at his mental Garden of Eden, Lilith tells him to stop coming to her for answers and interrupting her alone time with her naked blood-clones. Gods are frequently real unhelpful like that.

It occurred to me while watching this episode that Jason Stackhouse is basically a shirtless, southern-fried Ron Weasley. Case in point: he reacts to his hallucinations of his racist parents with exactly the same indigence Ron had when he discovered that his pet rat was actually an escaped Death Eater. To make amends he goes undercover at the LAVTF as the most vampire-hating vigilante of them all. And, again, really nice parallels to militia groups and anti-immigration border patrollers, down to the souvenir coffee mugs.

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