TRUE BLOOD recap (6.4): “I Can Smell You From Here”


In the next scene, Jason has a wet–or rather, shaving creamy–dream in which he and Borelow shave each other while smooth jamz play in the background.


If you’re familiar with the show at all, you know instantly it’s just a dream, but I would not begrudge the writers or gay men everywhere any opportunity to have this much fun. Jason, however is highly concerned that he may have some latent homosexuality brewing, which just sounds like the aftereffects of vampire blood to Grandpa Niall. So, even though their learning curve is slower than Xander’s, they finally make the Ben-Warlow connection, and go over to his place to raise some hell. Unbeknownst to them, Sookie has already figured this out, although her response was to invite Warlow for dinner.


When Eric finds Willa Burrell, he makes a monstrous and brilliant decision; he turns her into a vampire. Once she emerges from the earth, he sends her straight back to her father to teach him a lesson. It’s a very gay lesson actually, which is: once you know and love one of us, you can’t hate all of us. As I said, it is monstrous and brilliant and it might just have worked if Willa’s thirst for blood hadn’t gotten the better of her. Sarah Newlin, who is sleeping with the governor now (gross) shoots her with a silver bullet and has her hauled to the concentration camp. My instinct is that next week Sarah will reveal she’s pregnant with a baby that can take the place of his undead daughter.

One of the best things this season has offered us so far is a new and improved Sookie, who is committed to dealing with her shit. It pleases me to no end to see her making a silver-laced, home-cooked meal for Warlow, like a little Southern Buffy. While she blends vengeance with homemaking, Niall and Jason burst in on Borelow, who, as usual, is in an advanced state of undress. Since according to the show, the less clothes you have on, the more power you possess, Borelow defeats them handily, glamoring Jason and sucking Niall dry (although, curiously, he spits the blood out rather than drinking it). He sends a clueless Jason packing and shoves Grandpa Fairy back into the hell dimension from which he sprang.

In our final glimpse of Pam and Tara this week, they’re walking together, arguing about the wisdom of human-loving, which is a sensitive subject for Tara for reasons which should be obvious. Pam parrots Eric’s “us versus them” talk, which so disgusts Tara that she walks away. The moment she does, Pam is captured by the same assholes who nabbed Nora and Steve. Tara sees and, no doubt, begins plotting a rescue mission that will get her captured as well, in order to fulfill Bilith’s vision of them both in the sun chamber. Maybe they’ll have desperate jail sex though? I just feel like, in a show this full of hot folks doin it and doin it and doin it well, we shouldn’t have to beg for scraps.

Speaking of which, that night Sam and Nicole hole up in a motel room, where they discuss how sad they are about the people they’ve lost, but not too sad to make some whoopee. I mean, they both need comfort right now, so I don’t really blame them, but it makes me sad since everyone Sam sleeps with dies.


When Sookie serves Borelow dinner (in a white dress, which is a great play on the imagery of episode one), she gives the fae-vamp hybrid a chance to come clean about his true intentions. When he fails to do so, she conjures up her magic light ball and tells him to get the fuck off her or die. Sookie, I love you when you’re single.

And finally this week, we return to Compton Manor, where Bill and Jessica are holding the increasingly restless fairy girls hostage. When they try and escape, Jessica smells their sweet honey scent and loses control. Bill finds her crouched among their lifeless forms, weeping at what she’s done, begging him to tell her they’re still alive. And again, Deborah Ann Woll is the MVP of this episode, both for her earlier comedy and now for her remorse. Just everything about it, the gasping breath, the mumbled words is perfect. In remorse, we see ourselves with every flaw and failing highlighted; it is the fluorescent lighting of the soul. Hats off to Ms. Woll for showing us hers.

So what do you think: have I been too harsh on the show’s handling of Pam and Tara?  And who are you rooting for in the coming Bilith/Borelow showdown?

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