“True Blood” Promises a Lesbian Character — For Real This Time


Evan Rachel Wood has joined the cast to play Sophie-Anne Leclerq, the Lesbian Vampire Queen of Louisiana. How’s that for a label?

Evan Rachel Wood at the Young Hollywood Awards

Wood played a lesbian/bisexual teen in the ABC drama Once and Again (1999-2002); quasi-bisexual teens in Thirteen (2003) and Pretty Persuasion (2005); and a lesbian in The Wrestler (2008).

Movieline caught up with Wood at the Young Hollywood Awards, where she was receiving the Young Hollywood Superstar award, earlier this week. They asked her to finally open up about her role on True Blood, and her passion for the project did not disappoint. She said:

Oh! I love being able to talk about that now. I’ve had to be so secretive about it. She’s 400-years-old. Her name’s Sophie-Anne, and she’s the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. There’s a queen for every state, and that’s hers. And she’s kind of a cross between Patrick Bateman and Paris Hilton. She’s crazy. She’s just crazy. And she’s a lesbian.

After living for a half-millennium, I guess Sophie-Anne knows what she wants!

Movieline followed up, asking Wood: “So who’s your lesbian love interest?”

Wood answered, “I haven’t really met the woman yet, but, well, she’s not really a love interest. I’m just fff… um, fffu… I just feed from her.”

You’ll have to fill in those first two “F”s yourself; I’ve watched the video a dozen times and I can’t quite make out whether Wood is stumbling or self-censoring.

We were able to get the casting side for the role of Sophie-Anne’s not-really-love-interest, Hadley (h/t to indie!) and it reads:

Sookie’s (Anna Paquin) cousin, this fresh-faced 20 something year old country girl is locked in a steamy clinch with the vampire queen (Evan Rachel Wood). The dazed Hadley has been seduced into a whole other world — but she still feels the pull of her human roots…3 speeches & 1 line, 3 scenes.

Wood confirmed that she’s only filmed two episodes thus far, but that the producers plan to make her a recurring character. At least three of those scenes will be filmed with fresh-faced, twenty-something Hadley (who has yet to be cast).

Evan Rachel Wood at the L.A. premiere for Whatever Works

Because True Blood is based only loosely on the Sookie Stackhouse Series, there’s no way to tell whether or not Sophie-Anne’s story will follow the books. If so, the Vampire Queen will eventually fall for Hadley, but break it off because of a political marriage to the Vampire King of Arkansas.

While I’d hate to see Sophie-Anne forced into marrying a man, I do like the idea that she’s more than just a lesbian predator. That portrayal is almost as hackneyed as trying to pass off a lesbian character by having her wink at another woman.

True Blood‘s second season premieres this Sunday, June 14th on HBO. Evan Rachel Wood’s episodes will air toward the end of the season. We’ll keep you updated!

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