“True Blood” mini-cap 3.9: “Everything is Broken”


Russell is on top of Fangtasia speaking into the urn which he calls Talbot — aka his lover’s remains. He says the American Vampire League will suffer and flies off into the night.

Nan bursts in to tell Eric the ruling. In short, "None of this ever happened." The American Vampire League wants to forget this all happened and is going to let Eric get the revenge he wants, as long as he does it quietly. Nan demands Eric to bring her Russell’s fangs and to make the entire mess disappear.

Crystal’s dad wants to fight Jason but Sam steps in, slamming him into a table, hitting him over the head with a bottle, and kicking him while he’s down. The entire bar watches in awe as Sam beats him into a bloody pulp. Hoyt and Jason finally pull him off.

Tommy looks pleased to have seen his brother wile out.

Jesus and Lafayette are taking the guy to the hospital, and Crystal chases after them. She’s going with, no matter what Jason says. "He is my daddy and he’s the only one I got!" Jason says she’s being an idiot. She pushes him away saying no one controls her life.

She takes off with the two gays driving the truck. Butches!

Tara was watching it all happen by the door, until she’s pushed into a dark corner by Franklin. "I killed you!" she said, but we all know she just smashed his head in. She didn’t stake him. He is upset she didn’t mourn and that she really did try to kill him. "You violated me and terrorized me because that’s what vampires do and you’re calling that love!" Tara said. Franklin promises to mourn her as she shakes, demanding he kill her quickly because she won’t beg for her life from him. He would like that too much. She just wants to be free of him. He begins to choke her until Jason points his rifle at him. Franklin is not threatened by a firearm. Don’t any humans know how to kill a vampire correctly?

But once he’s shot, he dies instantly; Jason has wooden bullets. Bye bye Franklin!

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