“True Blood” mini-cap 3.9: “Everything is Broken”

The guards are still guarding Fangtasia and Eric can’t sleep. Pam comes out of their makeshift coffin in the office and wants to know why Eric never mentioned anything about Russell and his family. "You didn’t need to carry it all by yourself," she tells him. "The burden is mine alone." Pam has been with Eric so long; she refuses to believe he’ll be found guilty of killing the Magister when he didn’t do it. "You must make a new vampire," he tells Pam. "It is your time to be a maker." She begins to cry. She’s not interested in making anyone do anything but lez out with her.

Jessica is upset when Hoyt brings Summer to Merlotte’s. Summer quite enjoys the scene and tries to introduce herself kindly but Jessica’s fangs come out. She storms off in embarrassment. She just can’t control her urges. Summer is so proud of Hoyt for getting over vamps who "have no life in them."

Once Summer hits the ladies’, Jessica apologizes to Hoyt and says Summer "seems… short." Hoyt says he hates Summer and Jessica can’t help but smile.

"Then what are you doing with her?" "Guess it beats sitting around, thinking ’bout you." Jessica begins to cry (so many blood and tears this episode) and Tommy comes over, giving Hoyt the stink eye. "What the f–k is your problem?"

Jason tells Crystal the cops are busting Hot Shot. She freaks out: "They’re my kin! We gotta get up there and warn them." She doesn’t want the kids up there to get sent into the system. Lucky for her, Jason isn’t super smart so he doesn’t ask her why the hell she doesn’t explain all this stuff ahead of time, like when they were at the police station.

Jesus ordered the veggie burger with bacon, just to see if Lafayette would make it for him. He did and brings it out front for his bf. "You ain’t finish that, and you don’t get no dessert." He walks away with a sassy sway. Girl, you betta work.

Tara sees it all go down and wants to know the details. She teases that it’s going to all go downhill after their two days of bliss. She apologizes, saying there’s no reason he shouldn’t trust Jesus. "I’m happy for you baby." She’s obviously trying to put some optimism back into her life — or into her life for once.

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