“True Blood” mini-cap 3.9: “Everything is Broken”


At the police station, Jason and Crystal find out an officer went down trying to find a man tied to a tree that they received a call about. They have worse trouble, though — Crystal’s cousin is being led through to his arraignment and he spots her sitting on the desk. Now he thinks she’s a narc. Jason tells Andy he has an idea: The V they found on the scene could be linked back to the meth lab they busted last week. Andy says he’ll call the lab to find out if they can get any DNA from the vamp blood and Jason heads out excitedly. But then Andy pulls the V from his desk drawer — so now the lab won’t be able to find out anything other than they ain’t never heard nothin bout no V.

Tara goes to a rape survivor group where she sees Holly, the new waitress at Merlotte’s. Holly tells her story, of how she was locked in a room at her old job by a co-worker, who raped her for five hours. She said it’s hard for her, but she believes "people are worth trusting" and she’s becoming stronger everyday. Tara has tears in her eyes, but it looks like she might have found the right space to talk about her experience.

Meanwhile, Hadley calls Sookie, who hasn’t been to work in ages, and asks her to meet her at the aquarium nearby. Hadley is waiting there with a young boy — it’s her son that she hasn’t seen in over a year. Sookie is confused so Hadley explains she got involved with vampires, specifically Sophie-Ann, "the vampire Queen of Louisiana." "I told her things; I told her about you and the powers you got. I didn’t think anything of it and suddenly she’s interested!" Now Hadley feels responsible for why Russell is after her. Hadley begs Sookie to lay low and introduces her son, Hunter, to Aunt Sookie. She needs to know if he’s "like Sookie."


Sookie begins reading his mind and brings him over to watch the fishes while Hadley watches from nearby. They begin having a discussion in their minds, and Hadley can tell what’s going on. "Oh sweet Lord, no!" She takes off with Hunter in hand, the kid yelling "She knows! She knows!"

She knows what? She now knows that her cousin Hadley is a big old dyke? She didn’t seem to care so it’s all good, kid. 

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