“True Blood” mini-cap 3.9: “Everything is Broken”

Jason returns home to see Crystal’s boyfriend attacking her. Crystal says Jason kidnapped her and raped her and Jason wants a lot of money for ransom.

When the drug dealing BF lunges at Jason and knocks the gun out of his hand, Crystal comes up behind the two and knocks the guy out with the rifle. "Could you not make me a rapist?" Jason asks her. "I’m sorry!" she says and instructs him that they have to tie him up with rope because he can escape handcuffs. "What is he — a magician?" Jason asks. We still have no clue what exactly the drug dealers are besides, uh, drug dealers.

Eric is no longer being silvered. Apparently that was just to let him know what’s up; he’s now being interrogated. Nan says it’s strange that the basement is as "sterile as an operating room." Seems like it’s been sweeped clean and that’s not what it usually looks like. She wants an official statement on what happened to the Magister. She turns on some web cams for The Authority to watch as Eric gives a statement.

Eric tells them there has been a long-running pattern of wolves fueled by vampire blood attacking communities and their leaders. He gives the 411 on Russell: "He doesn’t want to co-exist with humans; he wants to subjugate them." He tells them about Sophie-Ann being kidnapped and how Russell killed the Magister. Pam looks on, having not known about any of this — including the massacre that happened to Eric’s family years ago.

"I want him to die at my own hands. I have waited a thousand years for this," Eric says into the camera. Nan turns it off. "The authority will review your statement." She thinks she’s wasted her time listening to a "load of bull s–t." Since the King just donated half a million dollars to the VRA (Vampire Rights Amendment), it seems odd to Nan that he’d be against everything they do, which is largely keeping the peace among vampires and humans. She tells them Fangtasia is on lockdown and leaves.

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