“True Blood” mini-cap 3.9: “Everything is Broken”

At the mansion, the King returns to find Talbot’s remains. They are insanely bloody and sticky and Russell immerses himself in them, taking a second to notice his Viking crown is missing from the display case. Back to the bloody entrails.

Sookie is in the shower and Bill decides to join her. He sucks on the holes in her neck softly as the blood drips off their bodies and into the drain. Sexy?

Once dried off and dressed, Sookie discovers a dead nude man/werewolf in her living room. She instructs Bill to take him to the wold tarp out back after covering the body with a towel.

"Normal couples do not do this, Bill Compton!" He retorts, "I thought you’d given up on being like normal couples." "Just once I’d like to not find a dead body in my house. Is that asking too much?" Yes, yes it is. Bill says the werewolf was there to kill her — would she rather have had that happen?

Sookie takes the opportunity to ask Bill about his secret file on her. He says it’s because he wanted to know what she is, but he still has no idea. "Keeping a file on the woman you love is creepy," Sookie said. "Stop thinking of me of a thing to be protected." She feels "half-way to vampire" after having had to spill some blood in the past six months.

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