“True Blood” mini-cap 3.8: “Night on the Sun”

Bill and Jessica are playfighting and Jessica is so proud that she’s getting faster. Suddenly it turns into a discussion about Sookie. "The whole time she was looking for you she was wearing your ring!" She refuses to believe they are over, despite ending things with Hoyt for the same reasons. "I love Hoyt but he’s so good and sweet and he deserves to be with somebody who deserves him."

Sookie is looking at a photo album with a singular photo of her and Bill. When did she have the time to put it together? No one knows. But the rest of the pages are blank and so it’s a pretty boring read.

She grabs her gun because she hears a noise, but it’s cousin Hadley. "Oh my god! Where have you been?" Hadley asks if Gran is there. Yeah, she’s been gone a while.

"I didn’t come here to visit. I’ve got a message for you from Eric Northman," Hadley tells her cuz. "Russell is coming for you. Don’t trust Bill."

Sookie rolls her eyes. "And I’m supposed to trust Eric?" Hadley is in tears and Sookie is confused why she’s involved with any of this. Hadley says she’s so sorry and leaves, but not before Sookie hears her think "I told them about you. It’s all my fault."

Talbot and the King are arguing again. "All you care about is your precious collection!" Talbot says. Then he begins taking things from the glass case and smashing them on the floor. He picks up the viking crown and Eric stops him. "I know I’m a poor substitute, but I’d be honored to keep you company," Eric says. The King mouths "Thank you" as he knows Eric is taking one for the team. 

Jason and Crystal totally had sex, and now they’re hungry. He tells her to jump in the shower while he runs out to get some food. As soon as she’s in the bathroom, Jason is grabbing his rifle. 

Sam smells trouble at Merlotte’s and in walks the drug dealers Crystal is hiding from. Her dad says he’s looking for her and Phil, her fiancee, says she’s "Blonde, pretty" and has a black eye because she’s "real clumsy and walked into the wall." Apparently she parked Phil’s truck outside. Crystal’s dad calls Sam a shifter and Tommy tries to step in. The troublemakers leave and Sam asks Tommy, "Did you smell that?" He did, and I don’t think he means the dirt all over their sweaty white trash bodies. They must be something else.

Jesus wants Lafayette to quit dealing drugs. "All that energy you got could go dark if you let it." He feels that Lafayette is "too powerful." Lafayette says he doesn’t have a choice. He’s tried to stop dealing but it’s not that easy. Jesus stops him with a kiss. Apparently dealing isn’t a deal breaker.

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