“True Blood” mini-cap 3.8: “Night on the Sun”

Jesus comes over to Lafayette’s to retrieve the escaped loon. She is not thrilled to see him so she grabs a knife and threatens them. "I ain’t going back there! It’s the drugs that make me crazy!" 

She says that Lafayette is in trouble and she wants to protect him. Jesus promises he won’t let anything happen to her son and then says "Give the knife and let’s watch some TV." She agrees, despite being TV being all "faggots and killers."

Hadley is coming out of the Queen’s room wearing a lacey lingerie get up. Too bad we didn’t get to see her actually in the room! Eric grabs her and instructs her to go to Sookie with a message.

Alcide informs Sookie that Debbie and her wolfy goons have burnt down his sister’s hair salon. He’s seething, but he wants Sookie to come with him to Jackson. "Russell and his wolves will come back for you at any time." Sookie says Bill will come if she’s in danger. Alcide knows Sookie can handle herself and they share a tender moment over both being stupidly obsessed with other people. A hug turns into a sniff of the neck (him), and a close nose touch. "You’ll come back and see me sometime?" Sookie asks. "You can bet on it," Alcide says.

Tommy is interested in why the hell Tara is so crazy behind the bar and Sam says not to mess with her. "She’s going through some stuff." Then Hoyt shows up asking if Jessica is working and Tommy tells him to leave her alone.

They almost get into it but Sam pushes Tommy into his office. Sam tells his lil’ bro he doesn’t need to fight people all the time. He can actually do something else, like have ambition. Tommy freaks out. "You don’t know me at all, do you?"  

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