“True Blood” mini-cap 3.8: “Night on the Sun”

Sookie is laying outside sunbathing, something she used to do all the time before Bill came into her life.

Tara comes outside and ruins her good time by telling her to get over Bill. "I can’t just flip a switch and turn my heart off," Sookie tells her. "You know what you sound like?" Tara says. "One of those sad country songs about dumb bitches who let their men cheat and beat on them for the sake of true love. Let me tell you something – at the end of those songs, the dumb bitches always end up dead."

Sookie sits up. "Did you just call me a dumb bitch?" Mhm! Tara says yes. Sookie argues that she’s killed, too, and she’s also wanted to cheat before. She doesn’t think she’s so different from Bill. She also knows that Tara is deflecting – whatever she is feeling is about her and not so much about Sookie. She tries to ask Tara about Franklin, but she would rather leave than discuss him. On her way out, Alcide says hello and Tara says she hopes he can flirt some sense into Sookie "because logic sure ain’t workin’."

At Merlotte’s, Arelene is interviewing a new waitress who seems to be A-OK with all the waitresses dying and everything else that happens around the joint. Her name is Holly, and she is totally fine with vampires. It’s the recession and she’s got two children. She’ll do whatever it takes. Sam walks in and Arelne introduces Holly adding, "Don’t sleep with her!"

Crystal comes over to Jason’s all wet and with a black eye, demanding the use of his truck.

He won’t give it up until she says what the hell happened to her, which she obliges after he gets her a towel and some whiskey. She says Phil, her fiancee, hit her after she tried to leave him. She swam all the way to Jason’s but only wants his truck. Too bad, he says. He starts kissing her and says he wants her to stay. "You don’t know them!" she says of her drug dealing family. "They don’t know me," he retorts and they make out on the couch.

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