“True Blood” mini-cap 3.8: “Night on the Sun”


Terry is singing into Arlene’s stomach and suddenly he turns into Renee, the serial killer from season one and the likely baby daddy. "You’re gonna finish what your daddy started, ain’t you? Just like your old man," he tells her tummy. Arlene flips out and wakes up next to Terry, who tells her it was all a dream. She has Rosemary’s Baby issues.

Bill returns home to Jessica, who tells him how much she’s missed him. But then he tries to release her and she’s like "Um, what?" She refuses to leave and tells him she accidentally drained someone. She doesn’t know anything about being a vampire and, as her maker, he needs to teach her how to survive. She throws a tantrum and begins to cry. "I don’t want to be alone anymore!" Bill stops being such a meanie and gives her a hug.

At Sookie’s, Alcide won’t leave her alone even though he acknowledges she’s tougher "than a one-eyed alley cat." 

Before she can be referred to as any other members of the feline family, Jason and Andy show up. Sookie’s brother wants her to press charges against Bill. He is happy enough with the idea she broke up with him for now. Sookie starts reading his mind and hears him think "She might find me out." So she asks him what the hell that was about and he gets upset with her for trespassing. He calls vampires "fangers" on his way out, and Sookie tells him Gran didn’t raise him like that. "Please just tell me you ain’t gonna do anything stupid!" She should know he can’t promise that.

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