“True Blood” mini-cap 3.8: “Night on the Sun”


Back at the King’s mansion, the Queen is not excited about her tiny room and Talbot is even less thrilled about her moving in. Russell tries to soothe him. "At least you’re safe. That’s what matters most to me." Talbot calls his BS: "Words!" Then Russell tells him he’s killed the Magister. Talbot freaks out and tells his partner he’s "acting like a century old child" and he can’t buy his way out of everything.

Eric interrupts to say there’s someone in the study. Oh look, it’s pretty.

"They killed my Cooter!" Debbie says. She wants to go after Sookie and Alcide to rip their heads off. Eric wants to keep Sookie alive because she’s special.

"She’s a c–t!" Debbie argues.

"But she’s a special c–t." Russell says. Eric nods in agreement.

Poor Sookie will never be uninvolved, no matter how many time she breaks up with Bill.

Russell wants to know if he can trust Eric. Eric gets on bended knee to worship the King, telling him all the right things: "You’re a leader," killing the Magister was "brave and uncompromising," "I will show you just how deep my loyalty runs."  

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