“True Blood” mini-cap 3.8: “Night on the Sun”

At least Sookie can handle herself against Debbie. They are fighting hardcore in her bedroom. They have met each other’s match, that’s for sure. Then Sookie grabs a pair of scissors and slashes Debbie across the face.

Sookie grabs her gun again and shoots at the wall. "Next time I won’t miss." Debbie takes her cue and darts out the window.

Eric asks Talbot to turn over. "Yes daddy." "Russell took my family, now I take his," Eric says before staking Talbot. Russell feels it and disappears, leaving Bill alone on the lawn. He runs upstairs and finds Sookie, where he begins eating her face and she tells him she loves him.

An Otep song starts playing as they have sex on the floor.

My final thought from this episode: We got the shaft. There was straight sex and gay sex, but Hadley was just shown post-sex. I demand more lesbian sex, Alan Ball. Make it work.

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