“True Blood” mini-cap 3.7 “Hitting the Ground”



At Fangtasia, Magister is torturing Pam on a table. He pulls out a box from Tiffany’s. "How’d you know I was a Tiffany’s girl?" Pam asks and says the rings are beautiful. "They’re sterling silver," he tells her. "Beautiful. They’ll match my chains." Magister asks, "Would you object to my piercing your eyelids?" Pam breathes in deeply. "Not at all."

But just before he can hurt her any more, Eric rushes in stops him. Thank the Goddess!

Sophie-Ann follows Eric in and they give the Magister the 411. Eric is no longer committing treason because Sophie isn’t his Queen. "My loyalty is to Mississippi now." The King comes in and Magister is not pleased. He could still arrest Sophie, but Russell laughs asking by what authority he plans on doing that. "I no longer recognize the authority." Russell is having fun filling Magister in on how Sophie is now his fiancee, and they’d just love to have Magister marry them — as in like, now.

Russell frees Pam and puts Magister on the table under the silver chains. "It’s vampires like you that have been holding us back for centuries." Russell begins to stab Magister until he marries them. "Can we hurry this along?" Sophie asks. "I’m getting cold feet." Pam says, "You can dish it out, Magister, "but you sure can’t take it!"

Magister gives in and says "I now pronounce you man and wife." "Yes, thanks, I’m so happy I could bleed," Sophie says and Pam claps saying, "Congrats!" Russell is more interested in telling Magister how he feels about the American Vampire League aka "the authority." He doesn’t want to comply with humans — he wants vampires to be the only race. Well, all vampires except Magister, who ends the episode headless in what Russell calls "the true death." That was way harsh, Ty.

So glad to see Pam no longer in trouble. And while Sophie is married to Russell, this doesn’t make her any more straight — or him, for that matter.

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