“True Blood” mini-cap 3.7 “Hitting the Ground”


Inside Sookie’s coma, she awakens in a white taffeta dress and head towards the light coming from outside the hospital doors.

Cue the magical music and dancing women in a pink light around a pretty pond. A woman named Claudine escorts her outside to fill her cup.

Sookie says it’s the most amazing thing she’s ever tasted and then asks if she can dance. Claudine says, "We can always dance!" And they do.

Sookie dances so much that she has to sit one out. Claudine asks Sookie to come with them. Sookie is like "Where?" And Claudine says they have to swim in the water to somewhere beautiful. But Sookie can’t swim, either can her mama, that’s how she died. She reads Claudine’s mind: "It’s not the water that killed them."

It’s mass confusion all of a sudden. The women begin diving into the water. "The dark! The dark is coming!" Claudine says Sookie must promise to "not let him take the light" from her. This coincides with Bill coming into the hospital room and asking if he can give Sookie his blood. Jason says "do it!" and they all stand by to watch the blood twist and turn through the IV.

Shortly after, Sookie finally awakens in the hospital but freaks the f–k out when she sees Bill.

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