“True Blood” mini-cap 3.7 “Hitting the Ground”


Jason goes to the drug dealer and asks about Crystal. The dealer says Crystal is his cousin, and he’ll tell him anything he wants to know if Jason will bring him of the other kind of crystal. Andy interrupts but Jason knows what he has to do.

At the hospital, Sookie is given blood but begins to seize. The doctor gives Tara and Alcide the bad news that her body rejected a transfusion because she doesn’t have a blood type. "I’ve never seen a reaction like that before!" She’s in a coma.

Sam is trying to get past a hillbilly so he can get to Tommy before he gets into his dog fight. The hillbilly isn’t fooled by Sam’s showered look — "There ain’t no dog fights here." He pulls a gun out on him and demands Sam’s in return, making him turn the truck around and head on out of town. He’s got no choice but to go in as a dog himself.

He gets right in past the dudes in overalls and into the dog pen, where he turns into a naked human and knocks a dude out. First point of business: Free all of the dogs. Second, find Tommy the pitbull. Tommy is just starting his fight against a mean looking Rotweiller and a bunch of poor white people are standing around with beers, cigarettes and one dollar bills watching.

Sam pulls the alarm so everyone freaks out and runs out. They don’t want to have to deal with no cops! Sam’s parents spot him, though, and try to play cool. "Hey son!" Tommy turns back into himself, bleeding already, and Sam demands his dad give him his clothes. They’re so dirty though!

Sam calls his dad "a sad man in saggy underpants with no discernible life skills whatsoever." He’s right on and he insults them more before asking Tommy to come with him. "I can’t promise you a perfect life, but I can promise you it’ll be better than this one." They leave together and their parents weep as their money limps away.

Jason goes to Merlotte’s and demands Lafayette gives him some meth because he needs it for this guy in jail. Lafayette says he doesn’t deal meth and even if he did, he wouldn’t deal it to him. "Goddammit Lafayette, I’m in love!" "With the dude in jail?" Tara calls and gives Jason the bad news, so the two guys forget about their convo and the food cooking and rush to the hospital.

In Sookie’s room, Jason tells Lafayette and Tara the story of how Sookie was born on the dining room table. Tara then shares that it was "the piece of s–t vampire" that did this to her and she believes he’s nothing but ash now since she kicked him out in the sun. Sorry, Tara, Bill isn’t leaving that easy.

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