“True Blood” mini-cap 3.7 “Hitting the Ground”


Eric is still at Sophie-Ann’s, and he brings out something that will really make her talk: Hadley. Sophie is in an oversized bird cage, so she can’t help her girlfriend out of Eric’s clutches.

Eric wants to know why everyone has an interest in Sookie but Sophie isn’t saying. He takes a huge bite out of her neck, but Sophie resists. Hadley is close to death, so she tells Eric, "Stop. I’ll tell you! Sookie’s my cousin." She whispers something into Eric’s ear to which he replies, "I certainly wasn’t expecting that."

Eric decides she can live and gives her some of his blood. Well that was easy. Sophie isn’t pleased.

In the back of Alcide’s truck, Sookie cuts her arm with a saw to give Bill some of her blood.

He becomes so crazed, though, that he pushes her down and drinks the s–t out of her. Up front, Alcide and Tara have no idea what’s going on.

But when they pull over for Alcide to pee, Tara tries to check on Sookie and she won’t answer. She doesn’t "give a f–k" that the light could kill Bill and she opens up the door to find Sookie bleeding out. Tara kicks Bill out of the truck. He’s confused about what happened, especially when he doesn’t begin to burn immediately.

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