“True Blood” mini-cap 3.7 “Hitting the Ground”

"Freak, your mind reading sh–t’s getting real f—ing old!" Deb starts crying to Alcide about he wouldn’t give her a baby. Tara starts thinking for Sookie to read her mind, saying she’s ready to take Deb out while she’s baring all to Alcide. She instructs Sookie to distract her, so Sookie screeches and Tara pushes Deb down against the wall. Alcide grabs the gun and shoots Coot, who runs in asking "What the hell is going on in here?"

He’s dead (werewolves are so much easier to kill) and Deb is pissed he picked "a fangbanger over one of [his] own." She threatens him saying she’ll sniff him out. "I’m gonna come after you and hunt you down." And then what? Skank him to death? Give him an STD?

Alcide locks Deb in the shed and they make a move to the truck to head out of the mansion’s gates, but not before running over a werewolf.

Jason is real down, which he can’t figure out because he never thought he was "smart enough to get depressed." He can’t stop thinking about Crystal. He thinks he already loves her.

Hoyt thinks she’s named after the drug that’s keeping the town crazed, saying he bets her middle name is Meth. Jason is not amused. He is mad that last week was great and "this week ain’t done s–t for me yet!" But Hoyt gives him a great idea — go talk to the drug dealer that’s in the jail cell. He probably knows the deal with Crystal. Jason loves this idea. "I knew you and me being roommates wasn’t going to suck forever!"

Summer shows up at the door, pretending to be a vampire, asking "May I come in?" with a sultry look about her. "I’m just kidding!" she says, snapping back to her Southern Belle persona. "I’m not a vampire like your last girlfriend!" Speaking of Jessica, I miss her. Summer is too happy for my liking. Hoyt can’t get past the fact that Summer referred to herself as his girlfriend.

Summer was not happy that Hoyt didn’t call her after their date at Merlotte’s but she has decided not to play games. She likes Hoyt and wants him as her BF. If he’s not interested, it’s his loss. To help convince him, she’s made some buttermilk biscuits, which Jason wholly approves of.

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