“True Blood” mini-cap 3.6 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues”


Lorena has basically cut the crap out of Bill and his blood is draining onto the floor. She tells him he’s a hypocrite for thinking she’s so evil. He used to like drinking human blood and watching "the light go from their eyes," too. She doesn’t like when he brings up her maker, who made her lure men back to him before he murdered them and "defiled their bodies." They dramatically scream at one another about their "nature" until they’re interrupted by Coot and Debbie, who looks like hell. They want to drink Bill’s blood and Lorena eventually gives them the OK. "Suck whatever’s left."

Kids, don’t do drugs.

Tommy is watching TV at Sam’s but Sam would rather talk. He wants to know what the hell is going on between him and their father. "I just hate him. He’s a drunk," Tommy says. "You may not want to talk about it but we’re going to talk about it," Sam says. "OK, I’ll talk about it when I’m ready." "Fair enough — as long as it’s today." Brothers!

Their mom stops by and wants to chat with Tommy alone. She goes from being a friendly sweet Southern belle who wants Sam’s love to a money-hungry trash-talker trying to get Tommy to "go in the ring" like she did. It becomes quite obvious that their being shifters is being used to make money somehow, like in dog fights. Tommy is convinced Sam can help them and he doesn’t need to do this but Mama thinks otherwise. "Sam can’t be trusted. We’re all you’ve got. Deep down in your bones, you know it’s true." Way to lay a guilt trip on him. Poor Tommy.

Jason has on his letterman’s jacket and brings a bouquet of flowers to Crystal’s shack. The d-bag who broke Lafayette’s windows last night opens the door and calls Crystal babe. Uh oh. Crystal tells Jason she doesn’t know who the hell he is and he better get off her property. "Bitch already told you to get off my property," says the gentleman/Crystal’s fiancee. Jason leaves, dejected.

Tara awakens while Franklin is still asleep and takes an ancient weapon from the wall where’s its on display. She smashes the heck out of Franklin’s face, blood splotches dotting her skin.

She doesn’t care — she’s got a plan and it involves dressing in some random brown clothes that appeared in her room and pretending to be one of Russell’s employees. She gets passed the dumb werewolf/Patrick Swayze‘s brother by saying she’s been ordered to feed Sookie almonds. Apparently, it will help her blood be awesome or something. But it was a trick and Sookie and Tara beat the hell out of the guard and escape down the hall screaming, which is bizarre because you’d think they’d try to escape quietly.

Sookie wants to find Bill but Tara is not interested. "You’re a f—ing idiot!" She tells his whipped friend.

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