“True Blood” mini-cap 3.6 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues”


In the car, Russell asks Eric about his interest in Sookie. Eric claims his "tastes lie elsewhere" aka insinuating he is gay. Mhm. Eric would rather know about Russell’s relationship with werewolves and he looks surprised that the King is giving his blood to them. Eric is carefully plotting a way to get revenge for his viking family’s death by werewolves.

Back at Lafeyette’s, it’s clear he’s gotten a raise from his prime V sales. His pad is majorly updated and iced out. They start kissing again but are interrupted by the sound of hillbillies outside. They are bashing in the windows of Lafayette’s car with a bat.

Jesus runs out and grabs the bat while Lafeytte begins punching the hell out of another one. He tells them to sell his V and use the money to pay to fix his car. "Go tell your mama two f——s whipped your a-s, bitch!

Jesus isn’t impressed, though. He does not like that he just frenched a drug dealer.

The Queen is scratching off lotteries and she won $100. She shouts that she’s feeling lucky tonight, but Russell appears behind her to tell her differently.

She is not pleased that he killed her guards, but wants to know what he did with Hadley. "Relax," he tells her, "Your human is safe." Thank god, we can’t lose any lesbians on this show.

Russell gets down on one knee and asks for her hand in marriage again. "In addition to never touching you, I will settle all your debts!" Sounds good to me. That’s a great deal from a powerful beard. He promises to help her with the IRS and the Vampire League and she admits she pinned the selling of V on Eric.

Eric rushes in and pushes her on the ground as they both bare fangs. "You framed me so I renounce any and all allegiance to you," she says. "I am his now!" He threatens to rip her head off and throw it in the pool. He is older than she is, after all. But Russell says no. He wants Sophie to be his.

Sophie-Ann has no choice. "Goddammit." But as she’s carried away to be restrained she shouts out "Hadley — I want my Hadley." Something tells me she’ll get to bring her girlfriend with her. Oh yes — it’s called a preview.

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