“True Blood” mini-cap 3.6 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues”

In the slave quarters, Bill is chained to the floor and Lorena won’t stop reminiscing about the good times that are gone. She takes a scalpel and cuts him right down the middle. Bill begs her to do it quickly but she’d rather cut her own finger and put her blood inside him. "Not Sookie — me!" She begins sobbing blood and calling him "William" before cutting him again.

While we’re on the topic of crazy, Tara is tied up on the bed again and pretending to be in love with Franklin, who is mad she didn’t notice he shaved. He does have some info though — Sookie is in the building. Tara acts to be untied. "Two hands are better than none." She will give him what he wants for the night as long as it means she’s free to find Sookie after.

But first, she has to grotesquely bite the hell out of his neck.

Rutina Wesley, you were hilarious and freaky. I salute you.

Eric is downstairs playing a game/flirting with Talbot. He knows how to play his cards right! He asks if the King knows how "lucky he is" to be with Talbot.

Russell asks Eric to go somewhere with him and Talbot freaks out. "You never take me anywhere!"

Sookie is forced into Bill’s old room where she screams his name to no avail. She suddenly begins to hear Tara’s thoughts. Tara promises to come for her in the morning and advises her to be ready to fight.

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