“True Blood” mini-cap 3.6 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues”



Jason is making out with Crystal, who he notes is "so warm." Uh oh — she’s obviously not human. The next clue: "You make me feel like 100% woman." As opposed to? Then she freaks out: "I just wanted to get a taste of something I could remember forever." Jason is so dense he doesn’t question any of this — nor when she arches her back and sniffs the air while on top of him. Oh Bon Temps — I guess he’s seen worse.

Lafayette and Jesus are giving each other the 411 on how they got to where they’re at today inside of Lafayette’s hot new ride. Sadly, Jesus discloses he never knew his father because his mom was raped. Two seconds later, Jesus is asking if he can kiss Lafayette, but there is a rule: "No sex on the first date." There’s all kinds of dialogue our brothers at AfterElton.com are sure to love and then they start making out. Get it, girl!

Back at Russell’s, Sookie says she’ll answer some questions for him if she can ask him a few in return. He’s amused so he plays along, but they mostly talk about her and why she can read minds of anyone but vampires.

Russell brings out Bill’s secret file on her family. She starts crying and tells Russell she has no idea how the hell she has the powers she does and says she once threw a chain at someone and it wrapped around their neck "all by itself — like that face-grab thing from Alien." When the hell did Sookie have time to watch Alien? I can’t ever picture her watching TV or going to the movies.

Russell mentions the Queen’s fascination with her, and Sookie asks, "There’s a queen?" Oh yes, Sookie, there’s a queen and she’s real close with your cousin Hadley.

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