“True Blood” mini-cap 3.6 “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues”


Lorena wants to know what’s going to happen to Bill. First, he’s sent to the slave quarters. Second, Lorena is commanded to kill him. Eric is told to take Sookie into the library, but Sookie is busy threatening Lorena. "If you do kill him, I will kill you." Lorena is a little more creative. "I would love to tear you open and wear your rib cage as a hat." Well she is quite fashionable.

Sookie doesn’t understand why Eric is being so rude now. She mocks him saying how important she was to him, but now he’s telling her to shut up and stay out of his way.

But Russell interrupts, fixing up his belt as he just came from Talbot’s room. Bow chicka bow wow.

When asked yet again who she is, Sookie answers, "I’m a waitress." Gotta love that about her. She barely works now. Speaking of, Jesus and Lafeyette are still on their date at Merlotte’s, but Arlene calls Lafayette back to work because of a late night customer. Arlene accidentally cuts herself slicing lemons and Jessica can’t help it — her fangs make an appearance.

"Please don’t kill me; I’m pregnant!" Arelene says, holding up her fingers as a cross. "Oh god — you’re probably picturing eating me even more."

Jessica explains she just hasn’t eaten in days. She can’t help it, but she really has no interest in eating Arelene. My favorite scene of the whole episode is Jessica explaining that just because her fangs popped out "doesn’t mean I want to use them on you." #lesbianallegory.

Jessica glamours the customer into putting down her food, leaving Arlene a big tip and go to the ladies’ room. Inside, Jessica takes a bite and sends the glamoured woman on her way.

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