“True Blood” mini-cap 3.5 “Trouble”


And, what do you know, Crystal shows up! But she doesn’t come inside. In fact, Jason only catches her while leaving. He convinces her to go on a walk with him and they apparently have some magical connection right away. They start making out in the moonlight. She obviously has no idea that anyone who Jason dates ends up dead.

Russell tells Bill he knows that Sookie is more important to him than he lets on, which means Bill needs to warn Sookie ASAP. He finds out that she’s in Jackson from Cooter, who feels the need to tell Bill she’s f—ing a werewolf. Bill makes his way over to Alcide’s, but he can’t convince her to leave fast enough because Sookie is all, "Why don’t you love me?"

Within seconds, Russell and Coot show up and she has to fight them off of her. Her special powers that she used to take on Marianne return as she sends a blast of energy toward Coot, pushing him away from her and into the wall.

And that is what I like to call woman power.

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